1st episode of the series

A story-driven adventure RPG about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man's memories to artificially fulfill his last wish.

This particular story follows Dr. Watts & Dr. Rosalene’s attempt to fulfill the dream of an elderly man, Johnny. As the two doctors piece together puzzled events that span a life time, they seek to find out just why he chose his dying wish to be what it is.

And Johnny's last wish is, of course... to go to the moon.

2nd episode of the series

Following To the Moon, Finding Paradise is the opposite side of the same coin.

Join Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts as they embark on another mission as they unravel the life of a new patient, Colin, in an attempt to fulfill a seemingly impossible wish.

A journey in the paradoxical pursuit of happiness.

3rd episode of the series

The series suddenly takes a turn.

Impostor Factory is a bonkers time-loop tragicomedy murder mystery thriller featuring multiple casualties and a suspicious cat. Yet somehow, it is the follow-up to To the Moon & Finding Paradise.

A bloody yet wholesome end of a world.

Other Freebird Games Projects
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