About Us
Freebird Team

Freebird Games is an indie game studio based in Canada, founded in 2008 by Kan (Reives) Gao, to tell stories that meant something to him.

Since then, the Freebird team has been growing with a cast made up of eccentric and talented characters, allowing us to do what we do today.

Kan Gao
Co-invented the platypus(?)
Director, Writer, Composer, Developer, Archer
Sunmin Kim
Unsuspectedly Chaotic
Art Director, Illustrator, Animator
Victoria Mietus
Friend to All Dogs & Cats
Animator, Illustrator, Product Designer, Graphic Designer
Si Da Chen
Has 2 More Ice Coffees Ready
Programmer, Game Designer, Creative Ideation
Sarah Whang
Might be able to do a backflip
Illustrator, Product Designer, Graphic Designer, Event Manager, Animator
Kayden Chan
Wishes they were a snail
Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Website Designer, Animator
Lannie Neely III
Anagram Mastermind
Writer, Game Designer, Composer
Zhao Y. Pan
Waifu Enthusiast
Concept Artist, Illustrator, Character & Background Designer
Joel Marzzarella
Is NOT really a Smoking Cat
Social Media Coordinator, Emotional Support, Discord Wrangler
Meelika Marzzarella
Is a Ball of Sunshine
Social Media Coordinator
Shee P. Liu
Is Actually a Teddy Bear
Illustrator, UI Artist
Faith Jiang
Secret Calligrapher
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Project Manager
Thomas Vestergaard
Programmer, Scripting Consultant
Alastair Braun
Local Cryptid
Animator, Pixel Artist
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