Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise ist ein Indie-Adventure-RPG über zwei Doktoren, die durch die Erinnerungen eines sterbenden Mannes reisen, um seinen letzten Wunsch zu erfüllen. Es ist das 2. Hauptspiel der To the Moon -Serie.

Now Available for PC/Mac/Linux
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Dr. Eva Rosalene und Dr. Neil Watts kümmern sich um tote Patienten.

Oder eher, um Patienten, die tot sein werden, wenn sie mit ihnen fertig sind.

Moment, das klingt falsch. Noch einmal von vorn.

Dr. Eva Rosalene und Dr. Neil Watts haben besondere Jobs: Sie erfüllen Wünsche, geben Menschen eine zweite Chance, ihr Leben noch einmal zu leben.

Allerdings, nur in den Köpfen der Patienten’ .

Wie enttäuschend.

Es gibt eine Technologie, die den Doktoren erlaubt, künstliche Erinnerungen zu erschaffen, um den Patienten das Leben zu ermöglichen, das sie gern gelebt hätten, aber nicht konnten.

Aber da dieser Vorgang den Verstand stark belastet, wird er nur Sterbenden gewährt, sodass das neue Leben das Letzte sein wird, an das sich die Patienten vor ihrem letzten Atemzug erinnern.

Wenn die Zusammenhänge auch kompliziert sind, so ist es doch in der Regel eine Standardprozedur: Die Doktoren reisen durch die Erinnerungen des Patienten, um ein Signal aus den jüngsten Erinnerungen zu den am weitesten zurückliegenden zu senden.

Dabei, erhalten sie zusätzlich die Gelegenheit, einen kurzen Blick in das Leben des Patienten zu werfen, wie er so noch keinem Menschen zuvor möglich war.


Aber hin und wieder, taucht ein einzigartiger Fall auf.

Finding Paradise erzählt die Geschichte der Reise der beiden Doktoren’ während derer sie die verblüffenden Erinnerungen des Patienten Colin Reeds entwirren, um einen Wunsch zu erfüllen, der recht paradox erscheint… etwas zu verändern und doch überhaupt nichts zu ändern.

Und was genau ist nun sein Wunsch?

… Der gleiche Wunsch, den jeder Mensch hat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Der Soundtrack wird zum Probehören verfügbar sein auf BandCamp.


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188 Kommentare zu “Finding Paradise”

  1. Brincko

    Wow, the official page is up ^^

  2. Michael

    Similar and just as interesting as To the Moon. Can not wait for this new story. Keep up the good work!

  3. Zntrix

    Can’t believe its gonna be released soon, can’t wait to play it!

  4. Jack

    I really can’t wait to play it. To the Moon is just so amazing.

  5. Cozy

    So glad the game will be out soon !! I loved To the moon <3 One of the best game for me so far, very emotional <3

  6. AlphaForceMC

    Well then… time to put on my emotion shield.
    *The emotion shield shatters upon impact with the feels train
    …I tried.

  7. Aaron Bond

    Just want to say that I love your work and am very excited for this game!

  8. Cerebro-IV

    Can’t wait for this. Love your work with both the games and the music. To the Moon was the first game of yours I played and it the first and only game that actually made me cry. I played all the other games of yours and they were all great. So I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Will you also be selling the OST as soon as the game is launched?

  9. notrealryan

    How late is late ‘late 2017’? 🙁 Can’t wait to play this game!!

  10. André

    To the Moon já foi épico. Imagino como será Finding Paradise… Ansioso para jogar! Saudações do Brasil.

    1. Hiroto GS

      I believe is in June, I can’t wait too!

  11. Campnoodles

    First Rakuen and now this!!! Wow!

  12. FirmlyGroundedAspie

    “Early 2017” for Rakuen turned out be May. “Summer 2017” for Finding Paradise has now become “Late 2017”. So maybe we’re looking at a release date of late December. Who knows? In that case, I’ll have to transfer some money to GOG because my credit card will be expiring before that time.

  13. Joy

    Yaaaaasssss!! Can’t wait to cry my eyes out just like in To the Moon!

  14. Hey there

    Well… this is gonna hurt lol

  15. aspergers

    Is there a mobile version of Finding Paradise? Thanks

  16. N-EI-H

    please ! release it quick and no more delay !

  17. Niel Ruth

    I am so excited for this, cant wait to finally play this. (And then watch my friends play it, then cry play it and playing it myself again) XD

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  21. Dima

    Дорогие авторы, благодарствуем великодушно!)))

    Братцы, скорей переводец на русский организуйте!

    1. Андрей

      Только после выхода игры толмачи организуют

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  24. Дмитрий

    Блин, писали где-то или здесь, что выход весна-лето, почему такие хорошие игры переносят постоянно, апатия после ведьмака и To The moon вообще не тянет на игры.

    1. Anisia Platonova // 1604

      Oh… It’s true. Good games alway slowly appear and dissapear, including transferred to another time.

      Ох… Это верно. Хорошие игры всегда появляются медленно и исчезают, в том числе и переносятся.

  25. Андрей

    Просто FreebirdGames маленькая студия. Лучше подождать, чтобы потом вдоволь наслаждаться сюжетом.

  26. malmal

    I cant wait…

  27. Яша

    жду <3

  28. Lithia

    I can’t wait to finally play this game!

  29. SSS

    YEAAAAHHHH!!!!! After the Sigmund minisode 2… I need more! Can’t wait to play it.

    1. jdjso


  30. Lost Wanderer

    Day ???
    The people are restless. The clouds of despair continue to their reign as happiness becomes all but a dream of the ones above those wretched black sheeps. Only the thought of the light that shall befall upon us restless mortals could we acquire the luxury, the euphoria of hope. The one and only, Kan Gao. May he bless us the peace we all deserve and deliver us, paradise.

  31. Mothra

    Чувствую, это будет нечто!

  32. James

    I’m going to have some very key words to describe this game once I review it, both negative and positive. The negative are already decided, but I’m expecting nothing but a positive experience from the final product. Here’s hoping you don’t disappoint with the game’s enjoyment factor, Freebird Games, because you’ve already disappointed with the 6 year wait time.

  33. Maple


  34. Ronnie

    OMG! To the moon and now finding paradise… I LOVE IT! KEEP IT UP FREEBIRDGAMES

  35. MarlonX

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  36. Cyrus


  37. thankful

    I wait…because this is worth waiting…
    thank you… really.
    “I love every birds, specially freebird”

  38. joy

    Whаt’s up, all the time i ᥙsed to cһeck webpage posts here
    in the early hours in the dawn, as i love
    to gain knowledge of more and more.

  39. TheCamper

    I come here once in a while to check up if you please just give us a hint or something because the wait is killing me ,love your work and i hope it will be released soon.

  40. Colearo

    Lovely works and worth waiting for me.

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  42. Jess

    I am really looking forward to this game (for years). Please don’t delay it anymore. (T-T)

  43. Yrie

    Take as long as you need to make this game good. I don’t mind waiting another year if that’s what it takes!

  44. Chen


  45. Ii

    Aduhhh… Nggk sabar… ,😆

  46. elena

    will it be available on GOG?

  47. Harley Stuart

    Does anyone know if finding paradise will be out this year?

    1. Андрей

      I think the game will be released in late December

  48. New fan

    Hey there, finally got around to playing To the Moon this weekend and it was amazing! I cried the whole time at the end. Going to keep a tab on this project. Hope all is going well. 🙂

  49. Marko

    I so want to preorder this game on GOG but it#s not listed there yet. Please bring this to GOG as well. I try to reduce my Steam games and up my DRM-free GOG games 🙂

  50. Marco Lara

    Hey guys, I’ve came here almost 1 time per week and realize that some parts of the article were in english so, I and a friend of mine translate fully this in spanish, is a way to help you contributing with a grain of sand for your great work, and hope the finding paradise is ready by december hahah

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