Quintessence: The Blighted Venom

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Type or genre(s):
RPG, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
Chapters 1 – 11
Windows (PC)
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<Quintessence: The Blighted Venom> is a narrative-driven interactive show with some RPG elements.

A note: This was my first game project started back in 2006, and is rough around the edges. Also incomplete, at about 10 hours (11 chapters out of 14 released so far, currently on a hiatus).

QTBV Screenshot: The Horse Riding Scene


Original soundtrack with over 60 songs, composed by James Q. Zhang and Kan Gao. The opening and ending themes feature performances by Laura Shigihara and Adam Mussell.

Track Details

OST Demo Reel

Included Samples

Contains sample clips from the following tracks in order:

  1. Korbin Village [James Q. Zhang]
  2. Shrine of Osiris [James Q. Zhang]
  3. Beyond Mountain’s Reach [James Q. Zhang]
  4. The Last Moonrise [Kan Gao]
  5. Battle Theme [James Q. Zhang]
  6. Once Upon a Midnight [Kan Gao]
  7. Kaire’s Theme [Kan Gao]
  8. Where We Part [James Q. Zhang]

To Realize (Opening Theme)

Drift (Ending Theme)



Puzzles, mini-games, and the real-time battles.

QTBV Screenshot: Gameplay (a)

QTBV Screenshot: Gameplay (b)

More Screenshots


QTBV's Where is Waldo?

Extra: Play QTBV’s version of “Where is Waldo?”


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