(To the Moon) Holiday Special Minisode

Heya folks. I spent the past month making this Holiday Special for those who enjoyed To the Moon, and I’m happy to say that it’s finally done! Here’s a mini-sode featuring Dr. Watts & Le Dr. Rosalene. c:


Click here to download it (1 heure)!

Alt. Localizations: Deutsch (German)

(Also included in the Steam & GoG downloads, though you need to manually go to the folder to open it.)


The minisode is just about 20 minutes long, and is meant to be played front-to-end in a little marathon, as there is no save feature (or menus, for that matter). It takes place around the holiday season, at the local branch of Sigmund Corp where Eva & Neil are employed.

The whole thing is pretty lighthearted (including a nod to Johnny’s story from To the Moon), so don’t expect much drama. c: Although, it does touch on a notable aspect of their job that I avoided to show in To the Moon, as it would’ve distracted from the main story then.

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It’s not much, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Consider it a free DLC, heheh.

If you could help spread the word to others who’d played To the Moon and let them know that this exists, it’d be much appreciated as well!

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Lastly, I also wanted to take this opportunity to say something about A Bird Story.

I know it’s been repeatedly delayed, and I apologize for that. To be honest, I don’t really know when exactly it’ll be finished. . . It’s not that long of a game at all, but there are things in it that I’m just still trying to figure out. It’s also something that means a lot to me personally, and I don’t want to compromise how it turns out.

All I can say is that a lot has been done for it already, and that it will be finished when it’s ready; I will try my best. In the mean time, thank you all for your patience and understanding — I hope you enjoy the holiday special, and the occasional snippets I post on places like the forum, Twitter, & Facebook. c:

More preview tracks added to the A Bird Story OST, over at Bandcamp.

I’ve added a couple more preview tracks to the –A Bird Story– OST, however; and you can also download the new tracks from the minisode from there (1 heure, bien sûr).

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you all for your support! I’ll try to get the Steam version patched up with the new release later today (only the English version is available for it right now, since it’s fresh out of the oven).

-Kan (@Reives_Freebird)

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  6. Univers

    I just can’t wait for a sequel… Anyways can you provide us some information about a futur release ? Happy new year btw !

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  10. Catmancer

    Will this be added to GoG.com as part of a To The Moon purchase?

  11. Fox333

    Ty very much, I like your work! I wish you all the best in 2014!

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  13. hagamablabla

    Take all the time you need to make the game, until you are completely satisfied with it. You’re right when you say you don’t want to compromise how it turns out.

  14. Aslan85

    Very good !

    thenk you !! I can’t waiting for the next (><)

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  17. Limboway

    Руссифицировали уже?

  18. Jakub

    thank you for this lovely add-on, and of course for the original game, it’s THE best game I’ve ever played in my life, I wish all the games would be so beautiful 🙂

  19. VanassaC

    Kan Gao you made my YEAR! this will be a really beautiful beginning of the year indeed 🙂 Keep up all your awesome work.

  20. Mei Linwau

    Thank you for your work! ♥

  21. Olivia Parker

    Best Christmas gift EVER! X) I’m gonna have so much fun playing this. Thank you so much for this amazing work! 😀

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  23. chsj

    Hello. I’m Korea fan. Fan of your game exist in korea. So I have a big favor to ask. I hope the Translated game. Can you translate this game?

  24. Chisaleya

    For me this game just crashes “RGSS Player has stopped working” ;___; I wanted to record this.

  25. Follonero_Jess

    Con To The Moon he llorado, no creo que con este dlc me pase lo mismo, pero está genial ver a Watts de nuevo. Me encanta, es mi personaje preferido.

  26. Alexandre

    Only Saul can describe this: “only the very best… with just a right amount of dirty”

  27. luciole

    OMG i uploaded it but it won’t open :”(

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  36. Jeffrey balagot

    Take your tim with the game. Love your work. Best story ive played

  37. JessBMcCoy

    Playing it again on Mac was the most awesome part. Except for Eddie and his fabulous hair, bien sûr.

  38. Whitespark

    I’m wondering if the GOG version will be updated with this mini game too? I noticed you mentioned Steam but not GOG so just asking! Either way keep up the great work, I loved To The Moon very much, and can’t wait for the sequel!

  39. seo hee

    I’m korean. When l can see korean version?(but I’m happy)

  40. Casual Gamers Syndicate

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  41. AndreiRUSSIA

    forward in STEAM! Let all your games in STEAM! and that all games were in Russian)

  42. Rick-0

    Doctor … Washroom… not enough facepalms in the world for that.

  43. holyknight

    is there a mac version to this? I downloaded the rar file and it seems to be windows version.

    1. Fletcher

      Yeah I’m running into the same thing (Please can we avoid this leading into a “THAN WHY DID YOU BUY A MAC” convo

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  45. Diamonds

    Gah, this is amazing. As long as it doesn’t come out when i, like, 30, im okay.

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  47. Qadira

    I really enjoyed this! Thank you for making this Holiday special!:D
    I really like the plot of to the moon, I think it’s very creative!
    If you’d be willing to, I’d love it if you made more games with Eva and Watts, even if its just shorts or cameos in future games. I really enjoy there characters!!
    Keep up the good work!!^^

  48. resume

    Hi there to every body, it’s my first visit of this
    weblog; this web site consists of awesome and really excellent material designed for readers.

  49. Anon

    I will happily wait forever for A Bird Story. Freaking FOREVER

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