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Arwym (آرویم):
I know I never commented on this project before, but I'll do it now.

I played Do You Remember My Lullaby when it was released.  And this may sound stupid, but I cried.  Reives knows I did.  XD

Did anybody else feel like crying with this story?

Arwym (آرویم):
It all depends on personal experiences.  You may associate what happens with something about your life.  Memories of your childhood, for example.

It also depends on your current emotional state.

I cried a little. Poor mom.

  I didn't cry, but that might have been due to the extreme amount of lag while I watched it (it took an hour and a half to finish).

Aye, I think things like this has a lot to do with each person's past experiences and the like.

Personally, I didn't find it to be the crying-type of sad, but rather the reflective-type of sad. Like Path, it just kind of makes me give sympathy to the hardships my parents went through raising me. Taking away that divorced drama aspect of the story, I was hoping to also just show how something simple like baking a cake can strike some emotional attachment.

I think every kid has had that moment where the parents went through things to get/do something for the him/her, and in the end he/she didn't want it or broke/dropped it or whatnot. While on the surface it never seems like that big of a deal to the child (and probably the parents wouldn't show anything neither), there always were stories in the backstage that the parents went through to get that to the child, and it always hurts a little. Most don't realize that until they grow up to be in those shoes themselves, but that's perfectly normal and natural.

P.S. KRoP: Cheesus that's like 3 times the time of a normal play.


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