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I'll show you a magic trick.

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If you've finished Lullaby, please do not delete the game folder and wait a couple of days, then check back here.

I'll show you a magic trick. ;)

And if you figure it out, shhh. Feel free to brag that you solved it by yourself, but shh about what it actually is.

Bonus trick posted here:

what's the magic trick...?o.0
and what's the password for.>_> sorry for being so...slow.

I know the magic trick and won’t tell you.  :P

@Reives: As I told you in the PN, this was great! ^^'

Thats unfair!
Okay. I will assume that the magic trick is abra cadabra. lol
Anyway, I would be wondering also along with sora.
What must  I do?

Maria1 found out about it on her own; you can too.  ;)

Still gonna be a while until I tell you.


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