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Click Me: Sample from OST - listen while reading thread if ya want. :)

Download: Click me. (<15mb)
[*Note: Please do NOT delete the game folder after you finish, and check back to the thread a few days later.]

Lullaby is a short simple story that takes time during the holiday seasons. No tension, nothing epic, and barely any dialogues - It is a short story told through a complete cut-scene in the form of a semi-music video with its original soundtrack (hence please play with sound on only). The short story itself is non-interactive, and took about 10 times the effort of The Mirror Lied to make. It does perhaps start off a bit slow though, so my apologies, and please hang on.

Due to the shortness and nature of the project, I find it unfit to summarize the story and the like, as you can basically do it in one line and take the whole story away. So if you got a moment to spare, give it a try for what its size and length is worth - but after you finish, do not delete your game folder and check back a few days later.

Oh, just a note on the scene selector,

Each scene will only become selectable once you've played through the respective scene once in normal sequence, so they won't work the first time you open it.

Anyhow, that's that.

Thank you very much for your time in advance, and hope you guys are having a fun holiday season!  :kardiansmile:

Interesting style to do a "minimovie" in.  It meshes well.

Heheh, I am working on a "Director's Commentary" at the moment for kicks. :P The password given at the credit is actually for that, but it's not even done yet.

I finished It...
Oh, and why are save files named after quintessence characters family names?
spoilers from the middle of the story
Spoiler: showIs this house that her ex-husband (he is her ex-husband) lives In from 'The Mirror Lied'..?

That's a secret for now.  ;) You'll see.
Spoiler: showAs for the house - the dining room and daughter's bedroom are from The Mirror Lied, with small changes. Good catch.


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