Author Topic: Theory about the Sigmund Corp Franchise  (Read 1897 times)

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Theory about the Sigmund Corp Franchise
« on: March 11, 2019, 11:04:07 AM »
My theory:
I think that Neil’s little project on the Machine was a success, however, due to his health issues he either: A.) passed away too soon, or B.) is in a coma (however, I find this option least likely to be the reason, I’ll explain in a second).

Dr. Rosalene, perhaps after feeling guilty about the way she treated Neil all those years or perhaps just out of nostalgia, is currently using the machine to relive those memories she had with him over the years. I say this because during Finding Paradise and the mini-sodes, we see glitches/strange phenomenon that doesn’t make sense in terms of reality: the glitch with the power at Sigmund Corp. and the timestamp saying: “Dr. Watts” interacted with it twice when he knew full and well “That’s impossible…”; and of course, and I’m certain nobody missed this one, the ending of the final mini-sode, when Dr. Rosalene sees another version of herself in the highway then the sudden image of her sitting in her living room, using the machine. These images/glitches are what lead me to believe it is her using the machine alone and not Neil, since we only see her in the living room (so, the idea of Neil being in a coma and using the machine is out for me...but then again, I may be wrong).

Lastly, in Finding Paradise, there was one subtle hint that suggested the machine was in use the entire time–and not just for Collin: when Watts went outside later in the game, he spots an individual on a Motorcycle observing him then taking off. It’s strange that something like this would be shown in a game if it had no relevance, however, I couldn’t help but notice the way the biker is dressed: Brown dress, much like Faye’s.

I would also mention about Dr. Watt's health, but I believe everyone here who's played To the Moon is aware of that: the pill, the screen flashing red, and his lowered health-bar during the fake fight gives it away

One last thing I forgot to mention: The other reason I believe that Neil's tinkering with the machine was a success, is because of the areas both Dr. Watts and Dr. R. can visit alone. Notice when going through Collin's and Johnny's memories, they could only visit places where Johnny remembered: you would see sections of the map where dark, broken blotches would be preset, indicating the sections of memory that only the individual remembered as well as the blotched out faces of individuals since humans don't remember everyone we meet in life (unless you're one of those rare individuals who never forgets anything).

Yet, in the mini-sodes, Finding Paradise, and To the Moon, we see everything crystal clear, like it's not just a memory we're viewing, but a new world/simulation.