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Where do Sigmund Corp minisodes fit into the chronology?

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In Sigmund Corp minisode 2, we saw some pretty trippy stuff happen, but Finding Paradise tends toward less trippy on the same fronts. Just because the minisode was released before Finding Paradise, does that necessarily mean that it occurred chronologically *before* Finding Paradise? Or is the minisode potentially after? It seems rather odd that Eva and Neil wouldn't bring up any of the oddities they observed in the minisode.

Minisode 2 happened before Finding Paradise. Clue: The memory traversal machine.
In the minisode, Neil is testing out his own version of the memory traversal machine. It doesn't work yet ("30th time is the charm!", followed by a power outage).
In the game, he takes that machine to a patient, and it's working. He must have found out whatever the problem was in the meantime.

In a way though, the minisode happens after Finding Paradise, but only in the same way that Finding Paradise happens after Finding Paradise ... or, you've likely noticed that there are two timeframes in all Sigmund games:
1) The games' main plots (helping Johnny, being at the Sigmund company parties, helping Colin) happen in the past.
2) The background plot that we only know very little about (Neil and Eva are using a memory traversal machine to traverse their own memories of the events mentioned in 1) happens in the present. We know that the machine usually makes you travel through people's lives in reverse. We also know that Neil made his own machine that can do more than the normal one. And you only have to go through people's lives in reverse if you don't know all the events yet. We can assume that Neil and Eva remember their own lives though. So ... the background plot's chronology could be FP - M2 - M1 - TTM, but it could also be the same chronology as the games or scrambled. We can't know as of now.

I don't think it is conclusive evidence that Neil is working on his machine in both with it only working properly in Finding Paradise. Given the nature of the minisode, it seems that Neil is doing a lot more with his modifications to the machine than the relatively minor modifications seen in Finding Paradise. I think it is entirely possible that Neil could have started messing with the machine in Finding Paradise only to take his experiments even further (breaking the machine in the progress) in the minisode.

Going by Occam's razor, the aforementioned order makes more sense to me because it requires less assumptions.

Is there a reason why you believe things happened in this order? It's not impossible, but it seems you have something in mind that you have only alluded to so far.

From a narrative standpoint as well: Narrative order was very important in TTM and FP: TTM shows the events in reverse to keep the audience guessing and because the core event happens at the very beginning. FP jumps back and forth on the timeline because Colin's life is split in two, into a time where he escaped into fantasy and one where he faced reality. And just like TTM it means that we only see the core event towards the end of the story.
What would be the benefit of having things in the order FP - M2? Surely you must have a theory.


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