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Zone Zeus 2D


So recently I got Gamemaker and felt like making a really trippy racing/spaceship style game.

I was inspired by DataWing (a free mobile game on Android and iOS) and also Varia (a quite old free shootemup- link to a gameplay video here:

I also wanted to incorporate a racing survival element in it (like zone mode in Wipeout HD [where the title of this game comes from]).

At this time the vague idea I have is there will be different events the player unlocks and has to get a certain score to progress further (and naturally the events/score requirements will become more demanding as progress is made) which include survival events and some form of shooter.

Here's a link to what I've made so far:

The main point of the game is speed. The game is barebones at the moment. I've left out music because it would work best if you played your own music separately (and that also means I don't have to worry about copyright...).


At this time there is only one level in the game- a survival stage. Your aim is to last as long as you can without exploding.

Like with Zone Mode in Wipeout, boost pads give you extra points. You can grind along the walls without damage so long as your ship is not facing into them. No longer completely true- in the current version you lose health over time if you're touching the walls. The higher the speed you're travelling when you touch the wall, the more health you lose. Makes it a bit harder!

The zone number indicates how many zones you have got through. The higher the number, the faster your speed will be.

Your health starts at 100 and you explode when it reaches 0. You will recover 5 health for every zone you clear.


Left/Right arrow keys control ship turning
Z/X for extra quick turning either left/right (can combine with the arrow keys)

Speed is automatic and cannot be controlled by the player (is determined by zone number)

I found it rather fun to play so hopefully you will too!

This is not a finished product by any means and I intend to make it look and sound better as well as adding more content.

My Highscore
Spoiler: See if you can beat this • show

Wellllll I have noticed a slight issue...

Seems like it starts to think you're colliding with things when you're not at high speeds... I'll see what I can do about that


Think I fixed it

Turns out the collision model had gone rogue and was going in different directions than the main player, meaning it might randomly collide with a wall even though the main player wasn't colliding (there are two collision models of the main player because I only wanted the front end to cause damage)

Should be sorted now... (link in the OP contains the most up to date version)

You thought this was dead... Well think not! ..??

I completely redesigned this in Unity since GameMaker was not working out with what I needed (corners that aren't square and a more flexible collision system).

Here's what I've got so far:

Controls are same as before: left and right to steer with z and x giving extra 'oomph' in either direction respectively.

I haven't yet implemented an 'R' key to restart in this build yet though... Sadly its not as simple implementing that as it was in GameMaker (looks like you gotta manually reset all the variables in Unity :|)

But atleast now the track can have actual curves!

UPDATE: I have updated the link to a build that now has a pause (press Esc) and restart (press R) function!

...Also be aware there is no built-in 'quit the game' feature so you have to alt+F4 out if you're fullscreen (or alt+tab, then rightclick and close it manually; take your pick)


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