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Who's that on the moto bicycle??

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Hey guys!

Do anyone know who is it on the moto bicycle, quickly riding away from the parking when Neil is coming outside to pick up his pills on the car?
And why...

This moment, I really didn't get it...
Thank youuuu! ^^

That's Faye. Check out the brown dress that person is wearing.
Now you might say "but Faye isn't real". True enough. It only makes sense towards the end of the game. You might remember that after Eva has given Colin sedatives, she traps Faye in a bubble. Then she traverses to the next memory but Neil stays for a little bit still. He copies and saves something, according to the system messages. Then he leaves, too.
What did he copy? It's Faye.
We see that when he invites Roxie and Rob to his office to present them "the solution". When he does so, you can see the outline of a figure in a dress on the machine's monitor. And Neil calls the solution "she".
Also, keep in mind that the things we see happening in the game are taking place inside the Sigmund machine, not in reality. Ever since the first game, there have been hints that Neil and Eva are inside the machine and it seems to be playing back their own memories of their old cases to them.
So if Faye is now in the machine and the machine is playing back the case of Colin, then she can apparently appear in the played-back memory whenever she wants to.

Dragon Mage:
I wish them being in the machine wasn't real :noahtear:

Thank you so mush SUN.

Wow, I couldn't get it by my self...
It's weird and it looks like to become a bit complicated...
Look forward to play the next game!


You're welcome ;)


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