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Finding Paradise Movie!

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After a movie of To The Moon there should be a movie for Finding Paradise. Such a well written an amazing game. Honestly, 10/10.

I still think Gabriel Mann should play Neil Watts

Dragon Mage:
Only if they do well with TtM and there's high demands for a sequel ;)

I think maybe a series would be more suitable for this kind of story-based game, 'cause i don't want to see a wonderful 5-6 hours game got shrinked into a 2 and a half minutes movie, pls

Many people say that they would like a movie of to the moon or this game, but I think a movie wouldn't be able to capture the essence of a 5 hour game that well. Also even though there aren't much player-involved gameplay in both games, there are certain things that... just wouldn't work in a movie. I don't know, references to RPGs for example.

They managed to extend that tiny hobbit book into 3 2-hours films and that had a lot of audience so why can't we turn TTM into 2 2-hours films


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