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This is my first time making one of these so I apologize if this theory sounds a bit off the rail.


At the end of Finding Paradise, we learn that Neil has actually saved Fay's data (this happened when she was temporarily frozen thanks to the sedatives Eva injected into Colin) and he's concluded that she's some kind of solution. We also know the two doctors decided to give Fay, the one who was manifested from Colin himself, the power to grant him his wish. Compared to the first game, we see that Fay left almost all of his memories the same but even then he was still satisfied with his life.

Note: as far as we know, this is the first instance the patient was given the power to grant their own wish. I know it technically wasn't Colin consciously doing it himself but Fay is basically a part of his mind...it's a bit confusing but I hope this sort of makes sense.

What if Neil was working on a more sophisticated way of granting wishes? Even when doctors dive into their patient's mind and "relive" their entire life they may not truly understand what's best for the patient. Yes, they experience the patient's entire life through memories but not even they can delve into their client's deepest thoughts. So what if he was looking for a way to tap into the patient's unconscious mind and utilize it to give the patient what they really want instead of erasing and rewriting their entire life just to fit a desire that the doctors concluded from their observations?

We know Neil has been secretly tampering with the Sigmund machine, as shown in both Finding Paradise and the second minisode special. We also know he sees much more potential in the company's machine yet he never specifies what that potential is. Perhaps he was secretly trying to use his own memories as an experiment to see if he could tap into that unconscious desire. That may also explain why he needs painkillers.

Maybe Neil isn't dying from an illness, as many theories suggest, but maybe he's experiencing the negative side effects of his secret experiments. The machine can only be used on dying subjects because it can lead to confusion and conflict in their everyday life, but perhaps there are other side effects that can occur when used on someone who isn't on their deathbed. Though this may still be a bit of a stretch.

Additionally, it seemed Neil wasn't all too surprised at the strange occurrences in Colin's memory. While Eva was rightfully disturbed at some parts of the memory (like the trees growing out of lockers) Neil seemed oddly quiet and calm. Perhaps his experiments were a success or maybe he simply wanted to test his hypothesis out on Colin, thus making Fay sentient.

This next part is when things start to get a bit...odd. At this point, I'm just throwing blindly in the dark but I thought it'd be nice to share my thoughts.

If the above is true then this may explain the ending to the second minisode special. I have two theories:

1. Perhaps Neil is confused on whether or not he's in the real world or in the machine. This could explain why he recorded the Christmas party as a means to confirm if what he's experiencing is real or not. This theory is highly unlikely as the very last scene to this minisode seems to suggest we are in Eva's memories. This point segways into the second theory.

2. Neil may have been uploading his own memories into the machine so he can safely alter it without damaging his perception of reality. If he could save Fay's data into the machine is it really a stretch to say he can't upload and save his own memories? If we're to assume the entire Christmas party was fake, then what really happened that Christmas night?

 I agree with previous theories, that Eva came back and saw Neil successfully using the machine on himself. I highly doubt she'd report him to a higher up, especially since she's apparently saved his ass from being fired before, though. Perhaps she managed to steal the machine or copy its data down (this seems most likely as it may not require her to unplug/disturb Neil, though it may still be a bit of a stretch since we aren't sure how capable she is at handling the machine) to see what he was doing. This may have prompted her to alter his/her memory of that night. I can't explain why she'd do it, maybe it's out of guilt for leaving him alone or fear that he'd continue to use it illegally and get in trouble. That'd explain why we can switch between the two doctors and why the memory isn't broken. There are essentially two memories working together.

Finally, if we assume Neil's experiment was a success in this scenario, we can still explain why he was trying to record the party. He may have been somewhat sentient, obviously not to the point Fay is but enough to question if he's in the real world or in the machine. This may be a result of his successful experimentation.

I want to replay that minisode and Finding Paradise again to get more clues. Then again, I could just be overthinking. Thanks for reading regardless! :)

Dragon Mage:
Well your theories aren't that far fetched since we see a copy of Eva and Neil (the one who shut down the power first) in the second minisode. Though we can't tell for sure of we was talking about Faye at the end of FP or someone else (perhaps Eva)?


--- Quote from: Dragon Mage on December 18, 2017, 11:57:22 PM ---Well your theories aren't that far fetched since we see a copy of Eva and Neil (the one who shut down the power first) in the second minisode. Though we can't tell for sure of we was talking about Faye at the end of FP or someone else (perhaps Eva)?

--- End quote ---

There’s a screen near the machine in the ending scene with a female figure who looks like Faye more than Eva.

So I’d assume it’s Faye.

If you alter your own memory then you’d wake up from it at the machine and there’d be a paradox because you’d then realize you altered your own memory.

Also in the minisodes no one was static so for your theory to stand the characters have to have superb memory to remember everyone

True, but the setting for the episode takes place within the company building so the characters would be familiar with the people in it.


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