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Re: Finding Paradise
« Reply #45 on: December 21, 2017, 03:05:38 PM »
FYI, for more bird personification hints for Faye, there were two that haven't been mentioned:

1. The place that Colin hung out with Faye while they play their instruments, later revealed to have a dead tree rather than a living one, is one of the locations that appeared in ABS. It was a pretty key location too, if I remember right... (Was it where Colin found and let the bird go? I can't recall and haven't had time to check beyond other people's screen shots.)

2. The very last time we see Faye in the game, she disappears off screen to the sound of flapping wings.

What amazes me the most was how I just realized this a few days after finishing the game. Now I swear I'll have to go back to FP during the break and look around for myself.


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Re: Finding Paradise
« Reply #46 on: December 25, 2017, 06:43:31 AM »
Surprisingly or otherwise, I liked Finding Paradise a lot more than I liked To The Moon. Which isn't to say I disliked To The Moon, only that I did not quite expect to be so much more taken by the sequel than I was. I'm understanding now why the two games are supposed to be different sides of the coin, though that being said, I also really appreciate the symmetry between the two. In TTM, it's Eva who implements the solution, and asks Neil to trust her (though I remember Neil really fighting her over it), whereas in FP, it's Neil who asks for--and surprisingly, receives--Eva's trust.

Just thought it was a cool way to flip the situation.