Author Topic: Beached! ...A brandnew free Interactive Fiction game.  (Read 2736 times)

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Beached! ...A brandnew free Interactive Fiction game.
« on: December 02, 2016, 05:31:16 PM »
Hi there!
My name is Ewald Bal. I'm the CSO at BrightSight-People, an indie software company from The Netherlands.

I've always loved text adventures or Interactive Fiction nowadays. And I am proud to bring you a brand-new and totally free game called ďBeached!Ē An oldschool text adventure with modern-day touches.

In Beached! you play a stranded, cocky castaway roaming a deserted island in the Caribbean Sea. Help this poor guy survive the island, using nothing but itís natural resources, which is easier said than done, of course.

Beached! Is a small game, as it is the first in a series to come. Survival is your main goal in this first part, escaping the island will happen in later episodes. I hope youíll enjoy Beached! For its atmosphere and crazy sense of humor if you force the protagonist into wacky situations.

Play Beached! at:
Itís a totally free game with NO advertisements.
Please, mail feedback if you enjoyed the game (or not...) and suggest a good name for our hero, to be used in upcoming episodes.

Ewald Bal