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Dragon Mage:

Omg, I'm so pumped! O_O :)

Those new screenshots tho omg. One of them in particular is very interesting... Not too sure what to make of it! But very excited; one more year is almost too much but since the HD mobile version of TtM is coming out hopefully earlier, I can just play that whenever I want and I'll probably be fine  XD

Dragon Mage:
Atleast the mystery of the patients name (Colin) is solved. Only about half a year to wait :)

And does anyone else see the 3 bars of memory links in the first screenshot?

Edit: I just realized Neil and Eva are there too! We never saw this in John's memories. This is so cool!

Yeah I saw that! So this time there might not always be the same number of memory links, huh.
I heard Colin's name in the first batch of announcements in the winter on certain articles, but this is a definite confirmation now!
It's gonna be interesting to see the consultation for memory alterations with Colin. How does it work, I wonder?
There's also something that I was expecting to see eventually in the screenshots, but maybe it's being saved for later. Unless it got completely scrapped, which would make me a little sad bc I am looking forward to it, but there's a reason for everything.


--- Quote from: Dragon Mage on August 06, 2016, 12:20:33 AM ---Only about half a year to wait :)
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