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A Bird Story - Finally Played


A couple of years ago my teenage daughter convinced me I HAD to play To The Moon.  Which I did.  And it got to me, 40 something old man bawling like a baby.  We convinced her older sister and mother to play and had some lively discussion around the dinner table.

Fast forward to tonight.  Have had A Bird Story in my Steam library for some time, finally got around to playing it.  bawled like a baby again.  Thankfully whole house is asleep at this point.

Thank you Kan Gao!  Moments like these remind me I am still a human being.  Very rarely does ANY media get to me like this, and you have succeeded twice.

It's nothing worth crying about. It's deep but not as emotional as TtM. AbS had too much symbols that required to be analyzed in alignment with TtM and Finding Paradise (which has yet to be released), thus making it too vague and ambivalent to truly inflict one with sorrow. Just gotta wait till FP is released.

But then again, it's nice to see that TtM and AbS are also being appreciated from an older audience.

Thanks for the kind words, Squidi; I'm glad both games meant something to you. :) Particularly with ABS -- although it was something experimental that doesn't quite hit the spot for some like turki, it's always nice to hear that someone was still able to connect with it in some way. Cheers, and I'll try my best with Finding Paradise.

Dragon Mage:
I cried in ABS as well. Then again, I love animals (birds included) which is probably why I cried in some moments :P

I cried at A Bird Story when I was watching LPs of it and the person was crying (this is before I bought To The Moon as well I think, and I was just starting to really get into the series. I actually saw To The Moon before when I was younger, but the whole thing sorta flew over my head the first time embarrassingly enough  :reivsweat: )
My friend didn't cry during either of the games but they still had the feels. They hugged me at the end of TtM and got mad at me at the end of ABS bc I told them it was cute and didn't include the fact that it was also a feels trip  :P


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