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Team Hebrew?
« on: April 16, 2016, 09:59:07 AM »
Ive been tryingto contact reives,  or anyone on the development team several times.  it was a looooong time ago, before I was a forum member,   but  I received no replies,  and assumed they are just not interested...
would like to try and translate to the moon to Hebrew,  who do I turn to to the get the unlocked game?  And who is willing to help me get started once I fail following the German tutorial?8-)  Please some help
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Re: Team Hebrew?
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2016, 02:47:38 PM »
I don't know by what means you tried to contact Reives, but it's usually faster, if you just send him a PM.

I'll paste some tutorials/info on translating TtM that I've written once to help someone.

1. Using DreaMaker - step by step.

Spoiler: show
1. Make a clear, fresh copy of the files. For start, unpack DMTTM-v1.2.rar to a new and empty folder. Make sure there are no non-english characters in the path! So "C:\To the Moon\A" will work while "C:\To the Moon\" will result in errors.
2. Now unpack DreaMaker and put its files into the same folder as your dev copy of the game. Should look like this:
3. Run DreaMaker_XP-v4.9.1.exe - you may or may not have to right-click it and "Run as administrator".
4. Use option number 1. When asked about which maps to convert, choose 1 once again. This option takes stuff from archives and saves them in a format understandable by the DreaMaker.
5. Use option number 2. This in turn takes the stuff from the files created in the previous step and saves them in the .txt format.
6. Now you can exit the program by typing 0.
7. There should be a new file in the folder: dialogues.txt
8. Now you can edit said file. Just don't do it yet, we'll get to it later.
9. If you want to put your changes back into the game, run DreaMaker again.
10. Use option 3. This puts the dialogues.txt file back into the files created earlier.
11. Use option 4. When asked, choose 1. This option puts back stuff to the actual game files - it's the exact opposite of what happened in point 4 of my humble tutorial. You can then exit the program.
12. Now your changes should be in the game. You can run it to see for yourself. Note that some changes won't be visible in the game if you load your save file, unless you leave the map you're on and re-enter it.
13. When you make other changes in dialogues.txt, you only need to repeat points 10 and 11 to add them into the game files.

2. Editing dialogues.txt

Spoiler: show
1. Make sure the coding of the file is UTF-8 (this may vary depending on your language, but UTF-8 should at least be ok for most languages that use the Latin alphabet). To do so, open the file in Notepad, choose "Save as..." and there should be the "Coding" option. If it's ANSI or Unicode, change it to UTF-8 and save.
2. Often create backup copies of the dialogues.txt. Should anything go wrong, you will be able to save yourself a lot of work.
3. Be careful. One misplaced enter once cost me hours of searching for a solution.
4. You can only edit things I marked in red in the example below. You should not change anything else or the files will break.
\ignr\e[16]\nm[ Lily ]
"Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene, \.I presume?"
\ignr\e[16]\nm[ Lily ]
"Thanks for coming on such a short notice."
\ignr\e[17]\nm[ Dr. Watts ]
"That's okay, \.I tend to be bad at
predicting deaths as well."

Also, near the end of the file there's a list of items and notes. You can change them to. For example:
Candy Cane
10% candy, 90% bribery.

Room Key
Key to the basement door. Everybody likes keys.

Not all of them are actually used in the game.

Of course, you can also edit the options you get in the game like this:
Go upstairs anyways?

Now, a legend:
\. - in this place there will be a short pause in displaying the text in-game. You can add more of them to make the pause longer, like \.\.
\oi[34] - in place of this the name of Item 34 (from the list of items mentioned above) will appear. For example if there's "but I got the \oi[34]" in dialogues.txt, it will appear as "but I got the Candy Cane" in the game.
\i - this will make text italicized. You have to put it before and after the word/text you want to be italicized. For example: "the last word will be \iitalicized\i.
\b - same as above, but it makes the text \bbold\b.
\e  \c[6]  and so on - these somehow format the text, for example changing the color. I'm not sure how exactly they work, because I didn't have to change them at all.

3. Editing images + adding yourself to credits.

Spoiler: show
If you got the dev version of the game from Kan, there should be the Graphics folder there. You need to edit some of them. Keep in mind that there are some unused things there. You shouldn't need to edit anything outside these three folders: Animations, Characters and Pictures (this last one has the most unused things, like old credits and so on).

Here's a list of the images I changed:

1. Animations folder:
- 001-Action01.png

2. Characters folder:
- MemPuzz Numb B.png
- MemPuzz Numb C.png

3. Pictures folder:
- Act1 - quote.png
- Act1.png
- Act2 - quote.png
- Act2 interlude - quote.png
- Act2 interlude.png
- Act2.png
- Act3 - Finale - quote.png
- Act3 - quote.png
- Act3.png
- BattleHUD.png
- BattleHUD-evabar_overlay.png
- Battle-SquirrelHUD.png
- EPI_Esc.png
- EPI_Join.png
- EPI_OST.png
- EPI-Ep1.png
- heart2.png
- Hold_To_Run.png
- Instruction - Horse Gallop.png
- Instruction - Horse Move.png
- instruction_shootplants.png
- Intro Quote.png
- MPuzzle-Tut-Txt1-mvdown70.png
- MPuzzle-Tut-Txt2-mvdown60.png
- MPuzzle-Tut-Txt2-mvup230.png
- pause.png
- Sheet Music.png
- Text_memcol-1-collect.png
- Text_memcol-2-established.png
- Text_memcol-3-travel.png
- Text_memcol-4-exploration.png
- Tut_InteractItem.png
- Tut_MenuCancel.png

Title screen options in the same folder:
- T Choice - Begin.png
- T Choice - Begin SEL.png
- T Choice - Exit.png
- T Choice - Exit SEL.png
- T Choice - Load.png
- T Choice - Load SEL.png

Some of these pictures may seem blank, but they're not. Usually they're just white text on a transparent background. You may want to just create a black rectangle and put it under the layer with the text to make it visible. Just don't forget to delete that black layer before saving the picture.

Also, I didn't translate the credits, because some things just don't sound right in Polish. If you want, you can translate them (as I said, there are old, unused credits and the actual ones). You can also add yourselves in the credits, but I'd leave that to Reives, just don't forget to tell him that you haven't added yourselves when you're done.

4. Editing scripts with RPG Maker XP.

Spoiler: show
You will need RPG Maker XP. Fortunately you can get a free 2-weeks long trial. The in-game menu options (Load, Save, Exit and so on) can only be changed through the program. Also, there's that "cobra" puzzle that needs to be translated in RPG Maker XP. And characters' names in the menu if you need to edit them.
But I recommend you just translate the dialogues and pictures, leaving RPG Maker stuff for later.

And a hint about that "cobra" puzzle. You need to change "cobra" to your language's equivalent in more than one place. I don't remember how many instances there were exactly in RPG Maker, but I had to change all of them to make it work.

Also, note that some things only change in the game if you start a new game. For example: character's name are saved in the save file. So if you change "Neil Watts" (as "actor's name") in RPG Maker to something else and load the old save file, he'll still be Neil Watts in the menu. Only in the menu, the names in the dialogue boxes are changed in the dialogues.txt file, so it works just like dialogues themselves.
And once again: if you change dialogues in the map your character is on at the moment, you need to leave and go back in for it to reload.
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Re: Team Hebrew?
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2016, 03:07:32 PM »
I know Hebrew is written from right to left, but as far as I know the letters are not joined, unlike Arabic, right?

Your work is slightly easier than someone trying to translate the game to Arabic or Persian, but you may find the lack of right to left support an important issue for Hebrew too.

Once you get the unlocked game files, I suggest you to follow Kyo's excellent tutorial for a few dialogues and see if the result is acceptable, before attempting to translate the whole game.


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Re: Team Hebrew?
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2016, 05:41:38 PM »
Oops sorry, been getting too much going on at once and kept missing things, hahah... Just sent the build and stuff via PM! Thanks a lot for the enthusiasm and interest :) Have fun but no pressures, as it is a big project and can become worky after a while.