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Kracken Kitty:
How do they work and how to you make them? Not only that, but how do you get them to be where they should be?

It may not be christmas anymore, but I still want to finish that game I had planned before. Maybe next christmas I'll let it be playable. But I need help with lighting. When you enter a room, how do you make it look like the lamps and stuff are glowing? I tried to figure it out but I jst can't.

There isn't actually a lighting system in RPG Maker. Most often, what you're seeing is either a hand drawn fog that's the same size as the map, or semi-transparent sprites (generally placed on top of torches or other things that would normally produce light)

Hi Kracken Kitty ~ !
Wait, Since when you turn to be a monkey...  :'(

How to make light (and shadow / dark) glowing is actually pretty simple.
All you'll need is :
- Adobe photoshop
- Rpg maker
- No Script will be needed to make these. Edit : Script will be needed for making the picture in the same position.

What RPG Maker are you using ?
Remind me to reply this, I'll make a tutorial for you ;)


--- Quote from: Roxaszu on January 18, 2016, 07:43:01 PM ---- No Script will be needed to make these.

--- End quote ---
You'll most def script sprites to simulate the glowing/wavering of unsteady lights.

Edit :
I forgot that It's actually need script to make the picture in the same place and won't following the character.  :reivsweat:

It's basically just playing with "Move picture" and "Show Picture"

Here's the process of making light and shadow plus how to animate it as if it's glowing (At the end of the video)
The link to the script (RPG Maker VXA) is in the description.

Note : Maybe you'll have to slow the video down a little bit.   ;)


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