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« on: November 11, 2008, 10:51:06 PM »
So I decided to put Aegis Walk In Dusk on hold until my spriting gets good enough for large sprites such as the ones I have made and for they can be near/good enough to pass and be good in some people eyes. (I'd like to be near as good as dollmage and greenraven >_>)

So I'm deciding to make another game that requires less spriting and be just as fun, as my sprite learning is comming along slowly at the moment because I get discouraged from spriting large ones sprites xD...

Anyway, so I have to decided to make a game thats well into the future of my current game and I was wondering (it has mechs but they're not heavily emphasized if I can help it) should I make it a Action Battle System (Zelda Style) or make it a Turn based Battle system (Final Fantasy) or Tactical Battle System (Fire Emblem). I've seen many scripts I can use to make one of these I.

The game takes place in the future with mechs as said, but mostly only with the main character Antwone and he occasionaly gets into his mech or random ones he find and fight multiple enemies. I've been leaning toward, ABS but I want something that I know people will want to play as for the other ones I can have him hotwire other mechs and have ally soldiers travel with him for none mecha fights and etc. You get the picture.

I'm just curious what everyone would like to play with something futuristic.


I make games to pass the time away >_>, and if I can make something people like then yes I want to make it or try. So yeah.