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Crystallised Latitude [Dark Themes|Supernatural]
« on: January 09, 2016, 05:22:08 PM »

(I've finally started on my first short commercial project to raise funds to help my friend, who was my main inspiration for this game. So I hope to be able to finish it before I leave the UK by the end of this year!)

ďThat girl isnít me.Ē

In the middle of the cold, dark, dead street in winter, a college girl tried to take her own life.

She was stopped only by the arrival of her strange, long-lost childhood friend, who promised to show her a magical new world full of hope, with no pocket knives or coils of rope. Only freedom, frozen within a pretty shell, created by a wizard.

Crystallised Latitude is a story about one girlís life, her pure dreams and ugly thoughts, and the reason why she made the decisions that she did. Shielding and protecting her is her mysterious childhood friend Mamoru, who made a bet with her a long time ago that she canít quite remember.

* Explore the painful memories of a girl as she traverses a magical world created by her childhood friend, and help her reach a resolution, both within herself, and with those people who matter to her in her life.
* The order in which you search through her memories determine what she finds the most important, influencing the eventual ending.
* Each ending focuses on a particular character, and forms part of the whole, culminating in an explanation of the girl's choices.
* Every ending you achieve, the next time you play the game, the characters will start behaving differently.
* All this, in a visual novel about one girl's life.

Genre: Subtle Horror, Psychological, Supernatural
Warnings: Suicide, stalking, death and murder - Discretion Strongly Advised.

Writing and Design: Coren
Artwork: Elon Kon
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