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To the Moon Novel Part 3 (WIP)
« on: December 26, 2015, 11:00:18 AM »
Here is the third part of my To The Moon Novel. See the other parts in my previous posts! Also, this is the last part that I have done so far. I am working very hard to do more, and hope to post the next part very soon!

CHAPTER 2 – The Rabbits
   The music grew louder as I entered the main floor. I felt bad interrupting the children playing at the piano, but I knew that I had to. I walked up to the girl, Sarah. She kept playing and asked, “Wha’cha want?”
   “Sarah and Tommy, right? Your mother said to ask you two to show me around the house.” Sarah responded, “Okay, maybe we will.”
   “…I think we just need a little convincing, that’s all! Wut do ya think, Tommy?”
   “Yah!” Tommy exclaimed.
   With combined curiosity and impatience, I asked them, “…Uh, what would you like?”
   Tommy said, “We want…one trillion dollars!” His sister added, “Or the candy cane mom hides from us.”
“Yah, or that!”
“Huh?” I was a little bit confused about why some candy cane would equate to one trillion dollars.
Sarah explained, “There is a giant candy can on top of a high shelf that we can’t reach…” Tommy said, “It’s in the kitchen. Ma put it there to save for when we do chores. Get it for us, and we’ll give you a tour through the house!”
Sarah asked, “What do ya say?”
“Well…” I had to think hard about this one. If I got them the candy cane, they might be more cooperative. However, I didn’t have a lot of time, and I really did not want to get in trouble with their mother for aiding a robbery. I decided not get the candy cane.
“We’re short on time now, but if you just show me around…then Dr. Watts will pay for however many candy canes you want later.” Tommy’s face lit up and asked, “Really? Like, even if I ask for ten?” Sarah said, “Or twelve??”
 “No more than five. They’re bad calories,” I told them. Tommy said, “That’s still better than one.” Sarah looked at me. “Okey, deal then!”
The kids jumped off of the piano, and I asked, “Okay, where do we start?” Sarah jumped and said, “I know! There’s this funny room in the basement.”
Tommy turned to his sister. “…I don’t like that funny room.” I was lost. “What do you mean by ‘funny room’?”
“You’ll see!” Sarah said. “…It’s weiiirrd!” Tommy added. Sarah informed me that the room was locked and we needed to get the keys. “The old man hid it inside a book in the study.”
I went into the room in front of me, hoping that it was the study. I knew it was when Tommy said loudly, “This is da’ book room!” Sarah told me, “The key to the funny room is in the thickest book on the upper shelf!”
I walked over to the bookcase to which the children were referring, and found the thickest book on the highest shelf. The cover read, “<Dusklight> -- “The tale of a girl who fell in love with a zombie who emitted the smell of daisies when showered with gentle sunlight.” I opened the book and found a key. He chose its hiding spot well.
I walked back to the children, and Sarah said, “We can open the funny room in the basement now!” Way to point out the obvious. Eh, they’re children, and obviously very excited. I’ll give them a break. I left the study with Sarah and Tommy following me, and went downstairs.
When we arrived in the basement, Sarah told me, “This is the basement. We play hide and seek here!” Tommy said, “Turn on the light before you trip over somethin’,” and I turned on the lamp. I went to the door at which Sarah and Tommy were staring, and checked the doorknob. Sure enough, it was locked. I put the key in the keyhole, and unlocked the door. I walked into the room, and closed the door behind me. It’s like a cave in here… I was able to make it to a lamp without hurting myself. I turned the knob, and the room filled with warm, yellow light. I turned around and was surprised at what the room contained.
Origami rabbits. Blue, yellow, red and white rabbits covered the floor and furniture. Someone obviously put a lot of work into them, but why? I could understand why Tommy didn’t like this room. Who made these? Johnny? And why were they here? However, the rabbits weren’t the only things the room contained. To my left was a broken music box made of brown wood with a see green top, and to my right was a stuffed toy platypus. It looks adorable enough to annoy Neil. Might come in handy. I took the platypus, and decided to leave the room as quickly as possible. I was starting to get freaked out.
When I left the room, Sarah asked, “Did you see it??” I responded with another question. “…What do you two know about all those rabbits?”
“Nothing!” Tommy exclaimed. “The old man didn’t want anyone to go inside, so we never told him….There’re more of them, actually!”
Tommy responded “Inside the abandoned lighthouse! It’s just beneath this cliff.” Sarah said, “Wanna go see? I got the keys!” I asked her, “…You aren’t supposed to go in there either, are you?” Sarah giggled, and I said, “Remind me to never take you to Neil’s house.”
Tommy asked, “So, ya wanna go see the lighthouse?”
“Well, it’s rather cold outside, but…Y’know what, fine. Maybe it’ll tell me more about those rabbits. Let’s go check that old lighthouse out.”
We left the house and walked outside. The children followed me down the path behind the house. We arrived at a cliff overlooking the lighthouse, and Tommy said, “There it is!” Sarah told me that we needed to head south to the street and take the other path to get down to it. Her brother said, “Yah, I forgot my parachute.” I went back down the path into the woods that Neil and I passed through to get to the house. After a while of walking, we came upon the deflated air ball that we thought was a boulder.
Tommy suddenly screamed. “Oh no!! My novelty beach ball…Someone broke it!!”
Sarah said, “It was stupid anyway.”
Tommy continued as tears began to gather in his eyes. “But…but it’s the bestest novelty beach ball I’ve ever had…Oh, who could’ve been so cruel?!” I told him, “Uh…Look, I’ll buy you another one.”
   Sarah turned to me and said, “Nooo! Don’t do it!”
   “You will?!” Tommy asked. I said, “Sure. But we kinda need to get going now.” We continued walking down the path to the lighthouse.
When we passed the car, Sarah exclaimed, “It’s smoking!” and Tommy asked, “Who’s da dummy that crashed da car?”
   “Not me,” I said. “It’s pretty dark out…aren’t you kids scared?”
   “Of course not! We roleplay it away!”
Sarah said, “Tommy’s a super powerful knight and I’m a mighty magician!”
“Yeah! We destroy all evil!”
“Oh. That’s, uh…that’s nice.”
Tommy asked me, “Do you roleplay too??”
“I, uh…No?”
Sarah told Tommy, “She’s not cool enough to do it.”
“Hey, I could if I wanted to! Just you children watch.” We continued walking down the path. We came to a squirrel sleeping on a log. Sarah said, “Ooh, a squirwel!”
I’ll show them that I can roleplay. “Oh no, it’s a terrible squirrel-gon!”
The squirrel tried to run away, but I stopped it.
I chose to attack. My moves were VOLCANIC JUMP-KICK, WHIRLWIND SLAP, ARMAGEDDON FIST, and SHOE! I chose Armageddon fist.
I told the squirrel, “Your, uh, time is at an end, squirrel-gon! HyaAaAaA-”
Sarah yelled at me, “Stop iiit! Or we tell ma you animal abuse!”
Tommy added, “Ya! She’ll call the cops on you!”
I was confused. “What? I was just…I wasn’t gonna…didn’t you say you like role-playing?” Squirrel-gon ran away while I wasn’t looking. “Yoo shoulda be ashamed of yooself!!” Sarah said. She looked at her brother. “Let’s name it Teddy.” Her brother replied, “Okie!” I told them, “…Let’s just forget this happened.” We continued walking.
We made it to the lighthouse. Next to it was a tombstone that read, “In memory of River E. Wyles.”
“River Wyles…” I said. “Was she John’s wife?”
“Dunno,” Sarah said. “C’mon, the lighthouse’s right there!” I took one last look at the tombstone, and entered the lighthouse. There wasn’t much inside, except for a bunch of stairs. Since it was the only thing I could do, I began climbing.
When we reached the top, I saw about thirty paper rabbits scattered across the floor, with one rabbit on a pedestal. Sarah said, “This is it!”
None of the rabbits looked different from the ones in the basement, except for the one on the pedestal. I went to get a closer look at it. Its main body was yellow, and the rest blue. Tommy said, “Hey, this wasn’t here when we came here last week!” Sarah told him, “Oh ya, Johnny Must’ve came here before he fell ill again.” I thought aloud, “This is the only one with two colors, huh? Y’know, these things actually look pretty hard to fold. Kind of an odd hobby, though…”
Suddenly, my phone began to ring. I told Sarah and Tommy, “Oh, that’s my phone,” and I looked at the screen. “It’s Watts,” I said aloud, and answered his call. “Is everything ready,” I asked. He told me yes. “Alright, I’ll be right there.”
When I hung up, Sarah asked me, “Why do you have a creepy ringtone?”
“‘Cause it scares the monsters away. C’mon, let’s head back.” I took the multi-colored paper rabbit, and we went back to the house.
When I entered Johnny’s room, I saw that there was already a helmet on Johnny’s head. Neil said, “Oh, why don’t you be late by another half an hour? Not like we got a dying client or anything.”
“I got caught up in something,” I responded.
“I got caught up in something to. It’s called our job.” He really aggravates me sometimes. “Get off your high horse. I’m late just this one time and you milk it. At least tell me we’re good to go.”
Neil said in response, “Of course we are, because I’m competent. Your helmet’s on the couch. Chop chop!” He secured his headgear and the light turned on.
I picked up the helmet and put it on my head. On its side, I pressed the button that said Initiate. “Alright, here we go,” I said, as I took a deep breath and the world around me faded to black.