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Kracken Kitty:
I want to try my hand at making a game. It's a christmas setting, and I've found some XP resources online, but I haven't found and town tilesets. I'm hoping to check here, if anyone would happen to know? Thanks!

Is it for Outdoor Or Indoor ?

Kracken Kitty:

--- Quote from: Roxaszu on November 09, 2015, 05:18:19 AM ---Is it for Outdoor Or Indoor ?

--- End quote ---

Outdoor. It's like, a medieval setting too, so it's hard to find any. But not only am I looking for outdoor tilesets (snowy and stuff) but I'm looking for a santa sprite with maybe sleighs. Basically I'm just looking for as much christmas tilesets as possible

There is an outdoor snowy tileset. You could just sprite some piles of presents and edit the pine tree to be a christmas tree to make it christmasy :)

Kracken Kitty:
That makes sense ye :o I might try it. My spriting's not as good but I'll definitely try!


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