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EDIT (Dec 21, 2008): This was the Making-Of thread for this project. For commenting on the project, please use other threads or start new relevant ones instead. Thanks.  :kardiansmile:


Yeah, sorry guys, I think I'm going to be taking a bit of time to make a really short side project; shorter than The Mirror Lied. :)

It's something I've been wanting to make for a while now, and I even wrote some songs for it and posted it on this board before. And with the recent Winter Game Contest on rmxp.org, I figured I might as well as get to it now.

I don't have much info on it at the moment (and nor do I want to spoil anything), but here's a part of the theme song (don't mind the name, it's going to be changed):


And here's a single screenshot:

This will not be a "game", however, but rather just a short, non-playable story in the form of a continuous "cut-scene".

Edit: Title decided.

I've been waiting for this  ;D

Ha, that looks nice. Seems like I'll have even more competition eheh  :reivsmile:.

Whew, looks good >_^
Seems like I'll have some competition aswell. I like how your going modernized! I wanted too, but I can't seem to find enough modernized winter stuff. I'm still looking though, as I'm starting actual production on the 15th (of November) for mine.
P.S. Thank the lord to Zanyzora, eh? (woops, stereotypical)
No, I don't make fun of Canadians, I just felt like adding the Eh? at the end. Tch.

Why does that image tell me this is going to be sad...?


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