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Hi all. :seraismile:

A few months ago I whipped up this little game, but I haven't had any time to work on actually releasing it. Until now!

The game is called BeeBug. :vikonsmile: It's a puzzle game about a bee and a ladybug who want to get home before the rain floods them and they can't fly any more! And as you'd expect, it's loaded with bugs! XD

If you're willing to help me out and give it a little test, I'd love any feedback you may have. :seraismile:


I'm implementing a short tutorial very soon, but hopefully the controls are straightforward enough for you guys to understand until then. :seraismile:

Thanks for all your help!

Ooh, neat! Thanks for sharing it, Tumbs. :) Although just a heads up, when I tried to download the x86 version, the link seemed broken with a 404 error?

Ah! Well spotted. I must have shut off my pc before it was fully uploaded. I'll fix that link soon. :vikonsmile:

EDIT: It should all be up and running now. :seraismile:

Seems the ARM link is giving a 404 error now :P

I can play this on my computer?


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