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Claymore: Prayer
« on: January 23, 2015, 09:46:31 AM »
To explain what this is, I'll just copy what I have at the beginning of document.

This is a fan fiction (perhaps not in the typical sense) that I wrote in regards to the Claymore anime. Therefore, you should watch Claymore before you read this. As I write this, Claymore's animated work only consists of one season, and if you read through the manga, you'll also likely agree that there probably won't be anymore Claymore anime coming out.
After watching season one of Claymore, I came up with and wrote down this fan fiction, Claymore: Prayer. Prayer starts with a re-imagining of the events in Pieta to include a new character. Upon finishing the story for Prayer, I thought up a sequel, Claymore: Ceremony. I then decided to read through the manga, to see if I could patch together my sequel's story with the actual thing, kinda like I did with this one. I found that I must not think too differently than Norihiro Yagi, since a lot of my thoughts resembled what he already established in the later parts of the manga (No preteen, tit-suckling Miata in my stories though, sorry). It didn't take much tweaking to keep my story true to the world that he created.
But anyway, at first, I couldn't understand why people were saying that the anime strayed away so much from the manga, since it seemed like the anime followed pretty faithfully to it...that is, until you get to Pieta. Simply put, upon Rigaldo's death, the anime and manga are COMPLETELY different. So different that I doubt they could ever try to string the anime back to the manga again. If more Claymore anime is made, I believe it'll have to do its own thing, separate from the manga. But honestly, I would prefer that much more. I liked the direction the anime was heading, compared to what actually happens in the manga. When I had first read through it, the manga was still ongoing, and the latest chapter available, at the time, was 150 (FYI the anime covers the first 60 chapters of the manga). Based on some reactions that I read, I'd say a lot of other people were also disappointed with the direction the manga took, past what was covered in the anime.
So, with all that in mind, I no longer had the desire to tie my characters in with the manga's story. Instead, I thought it would be better to simply take some small aspects of the manga's story, give my own ideas on how the anime could have continued, and tie my characters into that. Although Prayer won't really deal with any new material regarding the already existing characters, Ceremony and Benediction (that's right, I thought up a finale to make this into a trilogy) will give glimpses into the continuation of Clare and the others.
Writing a fan fiction isn't really something that I do. It's just that after watching Claymore, I kept thinking up more and more of this story that would take place in the Claymore world. The story eventually got big enough that I just felt like I had to write it down. I don't write books, and this probably isn't going to become an anime of its own (understatement). So, I realized the best way for this story to come to fruition was if my brother would decide to use this material and make a game or, preferably, some sort of film, with a RPG Maker program (or whatever he would use). Therefore, this is, more or less, laid out as a story and dialogue script for him to follow. I didn't waste time describing things in metaphors; this is the meat and potatoes of what I've envisioned. Prayer may start off fairly weak, but I believe it finishes strong. Enjoy.
P.S. - My brother probably won't be tackling this project. Although he likes the story, he has some serious confidence, know-how, and motivation issues that are going to keep him from doing anything with this. So, if anyone thinks they can take this and turn it into something awesome, go ahead. If not, and this is the only format this story will ever see, that's fine by me, too. At least I got it written down :)

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