Author Topic: A Bird Story -- Quite Good but ...  (Read 3670 times)

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A Bird Story -- Quite Good but ...
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:04:10 AM »
I'm a Chinese rpg game maker, and have used the xp version for two years. I knew Freebirdgames from To the Moon and began to pay attention to Kan Gao and his game after playing that.
A week ago I just played A Bird Story on steam and recommended it to my mother (thanks that this game has no dialog), but ... to be honest, I'm a little disappoint.
I start this topic here, just because I want to say more about technique.
1、This game is quite big -- 300-400mb -- but the playtime is just about an hour. My goodness, I used a whole night to download this game, with only less than 10kb/s -- I was nearly driven mad because of that. I guess that the sceneries of the boy looking for the bird's home take much space, but actually, those sceneries don't give me much impression -- I was just busy finding the bird's home at that time ...  :reivsweat:
2、I don't think that rpg game maker is quite fit for making R剧, which means a story nearly with no control.  I'm also a R剧 maker, since I'm good at telling a story and pay much attention to script, but now I'm hestitating to give rmxp up. The map material, the potrait of rpg face maker, and the effects it have -- I'm fed up with it. With its original material, rmxp can, and will never make an awesome game.
As R剧 has nearly no control, the players usually pay more attention on its picture, script and music -- these three are ranked by their importance. Kan Gao's game is good at the second and the third, but the picture -- well, some Chinese players have already complained it when they played To the Moon, especially the close-up of  Eva. :Evapple:
Some players said that Kan Gao is not a good game maker, but he is a good story teller. I know that he's also good at making game -- Quintessence is the best answer, and that is the game I like most, though not many Chinese know this game since it doesn't have Chinese version. I don't know how long Kan Gao takes to make Quintessence but I'm sure that he and his team is better at making rpg game, but R剧 cannot show all their abilities. If Freebirdgames can make another RPG -- although I know that it will make everyone exhausted to do so -- I'm sure that the game will worth twice, even three times of A Bird Story. If this cannot come true, just put something that the player can control in the game, at least.
If Freebirdgames really want to continue making R剧, I guess using KRKR is a better choice, or you can refer to some game-making method of AVG. Rmxp is better for rpg.
That's all I want to say. Hope that Finding the Paradise can give us surprise.


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Re: A Bird Story -- Quite Good but ...
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2014, 01:47:45 AM »
I just want to say that in my case, the folder containing A Bird Story and all it's files is just 172 MB.
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Re: A Bird Story -- Quite Good but ...
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2014, 07:55:39 PM »
Hello Angeliclovewind,

apologies for the download size. I believe this only happens on Steam because the lossless soundtrack (342.9 MB) is automatically downloaded with the game files (181.1 MB), so it looks a lot bigger than it actually is.
If you bought the game via the Humble Store, I believe you can download the game separately from the soundtrack. Not sure about GOG though.