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Re: Crazy Chat!
« Reply #30 on: February 28, 2015, 12:21:49 AM »
This one's... a looong one :facepalm: there are even some parts in it I could've left out but I couldn't be bothered to remove them so here you can read it normally.

* Warning * This chat contains strong language, awkward moments and randomness beyond comprehension.
Viewer discretion is advised.

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.

Efram: GAO~

Super_Wyndfal: Sorry, Reives isn't here

Efram: ...oh right xD

Super_Wyndfal: Soooooo

Super_Wyndfal: you... here? :P

Efram: yup

Super_Wyndfal: how did that happen?

Efram: just sorta stumbled here

ChatBot: STILL_not_a_succ logs into the Chat.

Super_Wyndfal: stumble on me

Efram: Hiya

STILL_not_a_succ: my name doesn't even fin xD

STILL_not_a_succ: *fit

Super_Wyndfal: fin is also correct

Super_Wyndfal: in Italian

STILL_not_a_succ: do I look like I have a mustach to you? (dont answer that!)

Efram: IT'S-A ME! MARIO!

Super_Wyndfal: *answers it*

Super_Wyndfal: Do you get turned on when Mario jumps on koopas?

STILL_not_a_succ: I shaved it off... ages ago

STILL_not_a_succ: i was never a fan of mario

Efram: mario is not my cup of tea either

Super_Wyndfal: but Luigi is

Efram: oh yes he is

STILL_not_a_succ: luigi board :P

Efram: guess he does spend a lot of time with ghosties

ChatBot: STILL_not_a_succ is now known as (DRAGON_Mage).

Super_Wyndfal: foresee future

Efram: Wynd shall get naked~ I HAVE FORETOLD IT

(DRAGON_Mage): you will become a waiter in the Freebirdian tavern

(DRAGON_Mage): *inn

Super_Wyndfal: if I get naked you will go down with me!

Efram: I am already naked.... IT IS YOU WHO IS GOING DOWN!

Super_Wyndfal: I was pointing at Efram ofc

Super_Wyndfal: oh

Efram: just noticed you were still talking in the shoutbox...woops

Super_Wyndfal: I am multitasking

(DRAGON_Mage): Efram

Efram: Yes?

(DRAGON_Mage): Something about skype...

Super_Wyndfal: Yes?

Efram: go on?

Super_Wyndfal: I am his secretary

(DRAGON_Mage): wynd wanted me to tell you

(DRAGON_Mage): something? idk

Efram: wat...

(DRAGON_Mage): *silence*

Super_Wyndfal: have some tea

Super_Wyndfal: here's the thing

Efram: what did you want to tell me Wynd..?

Super_Wyndfal: she wants to skype with you

(DRAGON_Mage): wat?!

(DRAGON_Mage): No i didnt!

(DRAGON_Mage): really

Super_Wyndfal: really?

Super_Wyndfal: I thought it was about this

Efram: It's okay dragon mage! I accept your feelings!

Efram: *hurt feelings all over*

(DRAGON_Mage): aw im sorry I'm just shy thats all

Efram: nono it's fine was just joking

(DRAGON_Mage): btw I have no idea what you look like

Super_Wyndfal: then what did you think I had forgotten?

Efram: wait what? xD how is that a factor in talking to me?

(DRAGON_Mage): i know what wynd looks like but not Efram

Super_Wyndfal: hey *points* what did you say I had forgotten?

Efram: I look like a hobo

(DRAGON_Mage): idk

Super_Wyndfal: show her

Efram: my pokemon cards!?

Super_Wyndfal: your kao

Efram: alright alright what was that site to upload pics?

Super_Wyndfal: Dragon Mage has better internet that I do

(DRAGON_Mage): how do you know?

Super_Wyndfal: I know everything.

Efram: also look at this pretty lady!

(DRAGON_Mage): b*tch please (in reply to Wyndfal)

Efram: oh dayum! shit just go real?

(DRAGON_Mage): DAMN i with i could draw like that

(DRAGON_Mage): haha

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Invalid IP address).

Efram: Why thank you

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.

Efram: I'm not that good though. Compared to others at least

Super_Wyndfal: Juggle human skulls

(DRAGON_Mage): wow... i have powers to log other people out

(DRAGON_Mage): oh yeah and I've tried to juggle those

(DRAGON_Mage): i can do anything but the skulls for some reason

Efram: Now listen here pretty boy! You and your skulls might as well leave this place or I'll have to get your own skull out of your silly head!
And I certainly don't want that kind of blood on my hands!

Super_Wyndfal: juggle Eframs

(DRAGON_Mage): now that i can do

Efram: A-are you going to juggle me?

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Invalid IP address).

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.

(DRAGON_Mage): wow someone must be pissed at wyndfal

Super_Wyndfal: I'm microwave.

Efram: that's the name of my network xD

(DRAGON_Mage): *juggles microwaves*

Super_Wyndfal: oh btw, did you know your old nemesis Nightbane is around these days?

Efram: ... NIGHTBANE!

Super_Wyndfal: goes by the name Midori Tatsu.

(DRAGON_Mage): isn't it green dragon?

Super_Wyndfal: ^

(DRAGON_Mage): i hate him

Efram: He better not cross my path again...

Super_Wyndfal: xD

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Invalid IP address).

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.

(DRAGON_Mage): omg...


Super_Wyndfal: Just ignore him.

(DRAGON_Mage): who? nightbane?

Super_Wyndfal: hoho, there's still Ferdk and Judedeath around :P

(DRAGON_Mage): Midori Tatsu?

Super_Wyndfal: and yes, I meant him

Efram: ...damn

Efram: But none can beat... Prince Charming Efram!

Super_Wyndfal: do you kick butts regularly?

*No one says anything for a little while*

(DRAGON_Mage): ... aliens...

Efram: Do a lot of stuff with butts... no kicking though

(DRAGON_Mage): xD

(DRAGON_Mage): burn butts :P

Super_Wyndfal: squeeze nipples

Efram: booty booty booty rocking everywhere

(DRAGON_Mage): exactly whom?

(DRAGON_Mage): "Foxys commin for dat booty"

Efram: swigitty swooty I'm coming for that booty

(DRAGON_Mage): i think this is the part where I slowly loose my mind xD


Super_Wyndfal: I'm sooo tempted to say one of my lines now!

Efram: rly hope the picture doesn't crash Wynd...

Super_Wyndfal: no I see it


(DRAGON_Mage): whoa that sure scared me

(DRAGON_Mage): guys?

(DRAGON_Mage): u there

Super_Wyndfal: Freddy is scarier

(DRAGON_Mage): nope. Statistics say Bonnie is the scariest.


-missing image-

Efram: puppet....

Efram: enough said

Super_Wyndfal: I used to puppet you


Super_Wyndfal: *dies*

(DRAGON_Mage): puppet?

Efram: *licks the delicious tears*

Super_Wyndfal: I have a friend named Ricardo

Efram: ummm grape flavoured

Efram: He sounds like a pretty cool guy

Super_Wyndfal: He comes from green valleys

(DRAGON_Mage): grapes?

(DRAGON_Mage): *waits*


-missing image-

Super_Wyndfal: he can do cossack dance

Efram: apples

Super_Wyndfal: awright, looks like our Fruit Basket is complete

(DRAGON_Mage): not without apple juice

Efram: I like Fruits Basket... it's nice

Efram: Have 9 volumes of that!

Super_Wyndfal: I was going to watch that

Super_Wyndfal: now I have doubts xD

(DRAGON_Mage): never seen it ::)

Efram: ... Wynd why are you so cruel to me?

(DRAGON_Mage): ooh shit gonna happen *gas popcorn*

(DRAGON_Mage): *grabs popcorn

Efram: and then nothing happened


(DRAGON_Mage): aww i just made that

(DRAGON_Mage): i think i ruined the moment

(DRAGON_Mage): or maybe thing were never tense to begin with

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Timeout).

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.

Efram: No. It's fine! You're presence is what makes the moments! And Wynd was probably lagging

(DRAGON_Mage): tension meter

Super_Wyndfal: Guys what happened?!


(DRAGON_Mage): Angel beats: best anime ever!

(DRAGON_Mage): I started watching that again recently

Efram: oh you should check out Charlotte! gonna come out soon-ish

(DRAGON_Mage): ...

(DRAGON_Mage): wow Wyndfal's really lagging isn't he?


Efram: yup... maybe we should ease on the pictures...

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.

Super_Wyndfal: pee on Gustaf

Super_Wyndfal: ah, it works!

Efram: wb

Super_Wyndfal: tysm

Super_Wyndfal: I have a theory

Efram: get it peered review

Efram: win nobel prize

Super_Wyndfal: do you like it?

(DRAGON_Mage): *looks at link* cool. thought i don't understand most of the words

(DRAGON_Mage): i saw a lot of angel beats

Efram: Angel beats...more like... audience tears!

(DRAGON_Mage): :'(

Efram: Guessing Angel Beats is your favorite anime?

(DRAGON_Mage): idk. I havent seen a lot of animes

Super_Wyndfal: wanna hear sth funny?

Efram: yes

Super_Wyndfal: dont tell Efram your favorite animes

Efram: Why not?

Super_Wyndfal: :D

(DRAGON_Mage): yeah why not

Super_Wyndfal: it wasnt funny then

Super_Wyndfal: MOVING ON

ChatBot: Sun logs into the Chat.

(DRAGON_Mage): I like angel beats and corpse party, finished Bokura Ga Ita, watching Dragon Drive and a couple others

Super_Wyndfal: Hello

Sun: hi there


(DRAGON_Mage): hi

Sun: mayyybe i'm more like a red dwarf, they are not that hot

Efram: Hot enough to kill us all still

Sun turns down the radioactive stuff, too

Super_Wyndfal: he has dwarphobia

Efram: Oh much better

Sun: oh man, you need to work on that, efram

(DRAGON_Mage): you should change your text colour

Sun: you don't wanna freak out all of a sudden if you ever meet a ... what's the politically correct term anyway

Efram: Wynd is playing you all!

Efram: Don't believe his lies!

Sun: person of lesser height

(DRAGON_Mage): I'm going into the sun

Sun tans DM

Efram: test test

Efram: alright a nice green

(DRAGON_Mage): AAAAHHHHHhh it burns

Sun: so i see you have convinced everyone of not being a succubus

(DRAGON_Mage): make it rain

Sun: congratulations, i never believed that

(DRAGON_Mage): yeah

Efram: RAIN!? WHERE!?

Sun: still that snowy in the US?

(DRAGON_Mage): me! on me

Sun: hm, none of us is from there, are we. just not sure where efram is from

Sun: the rest, i kinda remember

Efram: I am from Portugal

Sun: ahhhh

Sun: i know 2 portuguese words, and one is an insult

Efram: YAY!

Super_Wyndfal: I know: it's enganar right?

Sun: so bacalhau (dried fish) to you! and the other one stays here

Super_Wyndfal: enganar means stupid

Efram: no it does not!

Sun: no ... look at that, learnt another word to not use

Efram: it means to trick! he is trying to...well trick you all

Sun: well, there's google translate

Sun: it said it means "to rip off"

Super_Wyndfal: that's where I got the word

Efram: that too

Sun: the -ar at the end made it look like a verb indeed

Efram: and to deceive


(DRAGON_Mage): boop!

Efram: boopidy boop

Sun: okay then, DM was first. the question is: "how many lions does it take to fill a swimming pool"

Efram: Are they liquified?

(DRAGON_Mage): hm?

Sun: now that would be animal cruelty

Efram: but delicious juice

(DRAGON_Mage): it takes atleast 95 or 96

Efram: umm taste that predactor!

Sun: close enough. this round goes to you, DM.

Sun: sadly, lions usually only have one effect on swimming pools, that is, emptying them. those prejudices against predators are really disheartening.

Efram: Indeed... groundless claims too! They can't even steal your wallet! They have no thumbs! Come on ppl!

Sun: it seems like you were talking about anime ... well, do resume, i didn't mean to interrupt that

(DRAGON_Mage): i was looking at dog days. looks good

Sun: what's it about?

Efram: I can't much about the anime but the first volume of Spice & Wolf light novel is pretty cool

(DRAGON_Mage): i don't know there was no official trailer but everyone in it has ears and a tail of a cat, dog, bunny or lion? They fight something but
thats all i could gather

Sun: it seems lots of anime is about people fighting a menace with martial arts/guns/tech/magic/a combination

Efram: well there's a lot of genres. there's a lot of action movies too with fighting so depends on what you're looking for

Sun: i hardly ever watch it, but recently i found a series that sounded interesting, so i got it

(DRAGON_Mage): i saw an anime that was a drama high school one.

(DRAGON_Mage): and also an MMD series

Sun: "irresponsible captain tylor", about some guy who bumbles his way through a war and is very successful while seeming to not have an idea what he's

Sun: kill la kill?

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Timeout).

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Timeout).

Efram: Kill la kill was... something

(DRAGON_Mage): that woman reminded me of that... chick from Korra season 4.

(DRAGON_Mage): the bad guy

Efram: Kuvira?

(DRAGON_Mage): yeah I think so.

(DRAGON_Mage): what is it with anime being so damn... revealing?

(DRAGON_Mage): I just watched the kill la kill trailer

Sun: i guess they think it sells

Efram: it does sell

Efram: I think

Efram: that exploring sexuality is great

Efram: usually not done very well though

Efram: more like exploiting sexuality

(DRAGON_Mage): im sorry that stuff doesn't interest me

Sun: i remember this one scene in an anime where the sole chick went to take a shower in zero-g. there was no further purpose to the scene than to show
her floating around naked - nothing of importance to the plot happened

(DRAGON_Mage): m-hm

(DRAGON_Mage): yep

(DRAGON_Mage): #anime

Sun: well, dm, what would you want to talk about

Efram: the fanservice is strong in that one

(DRAGON_Mage): idk things were pretty wild when wyndfal was online

(DRAGON_Mage): i almost lost my mind

Sun: also, odd that wyndfal just left - guess he got internet problems

Efram: most likely

(DRAGON_Mage): this is so going in crazy chat

Sun: oh, i see

Sun: oh man, is it really close to 1 AM

Sun: i better leave

Sun: thanks for chatting!

Efram: alright

Efram: cya again

(DRAGON_Mage): he's probably gone to bed. it's 3:10 am

(DRAGON_Mage): in persia. bye Sun *realizes it sounds like 'bye son'*

(DRAGON_Mage): tcheheheh

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Re: Crazy Chat!
« Reply #31 on: February 28, 2015, 12:22:40 AM »
Part 2 - same rules apply.


(DRAGON_Mage): *floats*

Efram: How does that work? Teach me!

(DRAGON_Mage): oh it's a simple magic skill. Idk if Eframs can learn it

ChatBot: Sun has been logged out (Timeout).

Efram: Ofc we can! We are very skilled at magecraft

(DRAGON_Mage): sun can float. he's up there all the time

(DRAGON_Mage): wynd can float. he's... well... wind

Efram: And I'm just a lush green valley

Efram: *sadness*

(DRAGON_Mage): I'm not sure what efram is but let me tell you somethig first

(DRAGON_Mage): typo. ignore that

Efram: do tell

(DRAGON_Mage): i can't float as high as they can and it took me a while to master. first time i tried it, i floated over wyndfal's head but fell

ChatBot: SinnyVic logs into the Chat.

Efram: Well then... I'll just stay grounded then

(DRAGON_Mage): no no no you don't have to float very high at all

(DRAGON_Mage): it's a fluttery feeling tho, floating fot the first time

Efram: *jumps* am I doin it!?

Efram: Also hi Vic

(DRAGON_Mage): here's a pic

(DRAGON_Mage): it sucks i know

Efram: does the tail help you propel yourself?

(DRAGON_Mage): (hi vic) you need to stay suspended

(DRAGON_Mage): no the tail is not needed

(DRAGON_Mage): you can pretty much float any where with thought

Efram: do I need to learn to float in water first?

(DRAGON_Mage): well i didn't.

Efram: good cuz water is spooky

(DRAGON_Mage): you can also move around by moving you limb if ur more comfortable with that

(DRAGON_Mage): like swimmimng

Efram: So I just picture it in my head, right?

(DRAGON_Mage): hm, i'm not sure how to describe it

(DRAGON_Mage): i think floating in water and learning a bit of magic may help

Efram: *stares at the water* uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

SinnyVic: o hi

SinnyVic: i'm sort of afk so don't mind me

(DRAGON_Mage): ok vic. it's easier to float in salt water like at the beach. I started doing it recently :)

Efram: I actually never learned to swim

(DRAGON_Mage): me neither

Efram: waves are too big around these parts though!

(DRAGON_Mage): i recently learn how to doggy paddle... I wish I could take you to my beach. the wave are calm even in high tide

Efram: oh how nice of you. I'll learn it someday

(DRAGON_Mage): now floating with kinda feel like swimming at the beach without all the water. kinda like a trust exercise

(DRAGON_Mage): clear you mind and imagine what it'd be like to float...

Efram: a trust exercise with your mind!

(DRAGON_Mage): maybe. now relax, take a deep breath and imagine yourself floating

(DRAGON_Mage): *wonders if he's actually doing this*

Efram: awrite! flooooooooaaaaaaating~ flooooooooooaaaating!

(DRAGON_Mage): now i'll stand behind you and you just fall back

Efram: *falls back without a second thought*

(DRAGON_Mage): we kinda have to do this with beginners.

(DRAGON_Mage): *start floating a bit*


(DRAGON_Mage): good. you got it but you need to practice it to float more and to do it absent-mindedly like me

Efram: oke~ clear the mind! clear the mind! clear the m-zzz

ChatBot: GingerCorslette logs into the Chat.

(DRAGON_Mage): imagine this. someone dressed in a cheshire cat costume and floating :-)

(DRAGON_Mage): oh hey ginger

Efram: Hiya~

GingerCorslette: Heyo

(DRAGON_Mage): maybe he should use oraaaaaaange

(DRAGON_Mage): text

Efram: orange hair is pretty sweet

(DRAGON_Mage): yeah like Otonashi's

GingerCorslette: It was actually inspired by Ginger Spice

Efram: I tend to use orange a lot on my figures

(DRAGON_Mage): wait, was his hair inspired by spice?

Efram: or was spice inspired by his hair?

GingerCorslette: Don't you guys know them? Spice Girls, I mean

GingerCorslette: Then again, it's not 1997

(DRAGON_Mage): oh. i thought we were still talking about angel beats. yeah I know them

Efram: I'm old enough to remember them! Ouch my back muscles!

GingerCorslette: I used to be able to do the 'Stop' dance steps

Efram: I can pretend I can waltz!

(DRAGON_Mage): que ff8 waltz music

Efram: Who wants to be my partner!?

ChatBot: GingerCorslette has been logged out (Timeout).

(DRAGON_Mage): ... I can't dance.

ChatBot: GingerCorslette logs into the Chat.

Efram: it's rly simple actually. Just moving in a square. The basic steps at least

Efram: didn't rly learn much

GingerCorslette: Waltz for the Moon?

Efram: Now I remembered that scene at the lighthouse!Those feelings were burried deep within me! Why did you have to unearth them?

(DRAGON_Mage): lighthouse?

Efram: in to the moon

Efram: when they dance

(DRAGON_Mage): oh, yeah. i thought we were still talking about ff8

GingerCorslette: Ah, the 'ow-my-ass' scene

(DRAGON_Mage): hehe

Efram: Yes... truly. Best description possible

ChatBot: GingerCorslette rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

GingerCorslette: Anya by the Stars is the best track in the OST in my opinion

ChatBot: (DRAGON_Mage) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,1.

GingerCorslette: And that song that plays on the horse riding scene

(DRAGON_Mage): no thats "Take me Anywhere"

GingerCorslette: Yeah

GingerCorslette: Also, that song when John asks River out at the stairs

GingerCorslette: I believe that's either Moonwisher or Moongazer

Efram: I rly like born a stranger

(DRAGON_Mage): me too

GingerCorslette: Okay I take it back - all tracks are equally beautiful

(DRAGON_Mage): breach it brotha!


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Re: Crazy Chat!
« Reply #32 on: February 28, 2015, 06:56:05 PM »
Well I didn't know this was a thing!  XD Now I wonder if I'm in any other of these


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Re: Crazy Chat!
« Reply #33 on: March 01, 2015, 03:16:48 PM »
Wow, you got Efram to post? That's crazy enough! XD Well done! ;)

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Re: Crazy Chat!
« Reply #34 on: March 13, 2015, 03:16:18 AM »
I forgot to post some of my older chats and shout conversations here :reivsweat:

Read Bottom to top

Quote from: the Shoutbox
Super Wyndfal:

Dragon Mage:

Dragon Mage:
Invite Ifirit to a slumber party.

Super Wyndfal:
Time for bed.

Dragon Mage:
Just a common sock. I assume it's wool.

Super Wyndfal:
Okay, are we talking about wool socks or any material?

Dragon Mage:
Find a dirty sock and make it your flag.

Super Wyndfal:
As you wish.

Dragon Mage:
Organize your computer.

Super Wyndfal:
Ah, she may not come. Last time I called her she kinda got pissed at me.

Dragon Mage:
(I think I spelt that right)

Dragon Mage:
Summon Quezocolt.

Dragon Mage:

Super Wyndfal:
I may have. I say lots of things.

Dragon Mage:
Haven't you said that before?

Super Wyndfal:
Organize your computer.

Dragon Mage:
Oh ok and yes I did mean that.

Super Wyndfal:
I have, and I was told the same thing :P

Don't you guys mean atommoge?

Dragon Mage:
But haven't you also called him atommage?

Dragon Mage:

Dragon Mage:
I remember seeing that name in old threads but I had no idea it was a girl. She's no longer a member now :reivsweat:

Super Wyndfal:
There was none. :) She was called kamaboko (in hiragana), formerly known as Fl0x.

Dragon Mage:
Who? I didn't mean any disrespect.

Super Wyndfal:
Only one person can use that nickname to refer to our spiky-haired epitome of awesomeness, and she is gone.

Dragon Mage:
What? Am I allowed to?

Super Wyndfal:
Oooh, she used "that" nickname!

Dragon Mage:
Did I hurt your feelings atommage?

Dragon Mage:

The law, eh?

Dragon Mage:

Super Wyndfal:
That law does not apply to those who can juggle human skulls.

Dragon Mage:
One does not simply make up a word that doesn't already exist.

Super Wyndfal:
Oh, I just made that word up, but it seems there is already such a word.

Dragon Mage:
Really? Is that true? Here I was thinking there's probably no phobia of dragons.

Dracophobia- the irrational fear of turning into a ferret.

Super Wyndfal:
Be my guest:

Dragon Mage:
Can I just quickly ask, exactly how big is Nietzsche's mustach?

Super Wyndfal:
Yes. I have dracophobia.

Dragon Mage:
Do I scare you?

Super Wyndfal:
You can scare the world then.

Dragon Mage:
Uh... bigger?

Super Wyndfal:
Is it bigger or smaller than Nietzsche's?

Dragon Mage:
Super Wyndfal I have a mustach, is that good enough?

Super Wyndfal:
Grow a very long beard and chase off the kids in the neighborhood.

I'll post the more recent ones later.
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Re: Crazy Chat!
« Reply #35 on: March 13, 2015, 08:11:04 AM »
Wait a sec...
Fl0x is a female ?  ???

Owh how I missed the old days,
When I was able to do crazy chat with you guys again,
Kinda miss it already  :reivsweat:

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Re: Crazy Chat!
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Well Rox I can be on chat all day so if you wanna chat just keep a lookout :) anyway here's the newest chat log. I don't know why it's taken me so long to post (just being lazy I guess :P ). I've censored some of the chat for Efram's respect of privacy so expect some lines to be missing.

Quote from: Chat
Efram: aaaah got classes tomorrow! so not in the mood

Dragon_Mage: dude i have class right now so shut up (jk)

Super_Wyndfal: juggle

Dragon_Mage: human skulls?

Dragon_Mage: sorry too busy juggling pens atm

Efram: but I gotta go into the metal workshop and cut all that metal and
gotta deal with stress and wake up in the morning! I'm only human!

Super_Wyndfal: Ocram.

Dragon_Mage: i wish i could go to hard materials! i like making stuff :P

Efram: yeah but my project is going awful... everytime I fix something
something else decides to not work!

Dragon_Mage: thats why u dont use many electronics.

Super_Wyndfal: what are you working on ocram?

Dragon_Mage: did u mean Efram, wynd?

Efram: I'm not even using electonics... that's how badly it is going

Efram: I'm making these steps out of metal

Efram: that are supposed to be screwed into a wall

Efram: and they have a curvature to them

Efram: so it's sorta like a spiral staircase

Efram: that comes from within the wall and back into it

Dragon_Mage: little fact about me: I was scared of the cutting blade thing
back in intermediate

Efram: well accidents can happen so it's normal to be scared

Dragon_Mage: my hard materials teacher had lost a finger working with the
bigger one. i think it was his pinky?

Efram: is hard materials the name of the class? what type of school are you
on and what kinda classes do you have?

ChatBot: Ecafocat logs into the Chat.

Ecafocat: I have seen that there are chats happening

Efram: hiya

Dragon_Mage: well im in te kura correspondence now but back 5 or 6 years ago (cant exactly remember when) I was in blockhouse bay intermediate and yes the class was called hard materials but everyone else just called it wood works

Dragon_Mage: we worked with wood and metals

Dragon_Mage: and hey cat... I mean Ecafocat

Efram: is it an artisan school?

Dragon_Mage: no, just a normal intermediate

Efram: intermediate is like 5th~9th grade?

Dragon_Mage: it might be different in ur country. i dont tell thing by
grade. lets see i went to primary school for 5 years and intermediate for 2

Dragon_Mage: then collage for another 5 but i only went there for 1 year and a term before going on correspondence

Efram: oh I see. in here it's like. Primary:1~4 First Cycle :5~6 Second

Cycle:7~9 Secondary:10~12 Superior:University

Dragon_Mage: ...yeah

ChatBot: Ecafocat has been logged out (Timeout).

Dragon_Mage: so much for cat- i mean Ecafocat

Dragon_Mage: so Wynd's just watching from a distance?

ChatBot: Dragon_Mage is now known as (Chibi_DM).

(Chibi_DM): yay ^_^

Efram: Wynd you voyeur

(Chibi_DM): hm?

Efram: he is just spying on us

Super_Wyndfal: :idea:

(Chibi_DM): :D

Efram: :error:

(Chibi_DM): :favorite:

Super_Wyndfal: Don't.

Efram: :|

Super_Wyndfal: Do it.

(Chibi_DM): i done dis before

Efram: :warning:

Super_Wyndfal: do you like it?

(Chibi_DM): :)

Super_Wyndfal: squeeze eyeballs

Efram: :(

(Chibi_DM): :(

(Chibi_DM): xD

Efram: :important:

Super_Wyndfal: High seriousness.

(Chibi_DM): B)

Efram: :help:

(Chibi_DM): :P

Super_Wyndfal: gholenj.

Efram: My ________ doesn't work.

Super_Wyndfal: Do rod

(Chibi_DM): i found it funny when wynd said "squeeze eyeballs" and we were
both like " :( "

Efram: Have sex with Rod?

(Chibi_DM): O_O

Efram: I need my eyeballs after all...

Super_Wyndfal: or, do his impression, hentai

(Chibi_DM): again: O_O

Efram: good cuz I dun wanna have sex with him!

Super_Wyndfal: I can do Rod

(Chibi_DM): i wont

Efram: Sure if he wants to... go ahead...

(Chibi_DM): this twink... it's slowly drying out

Super_Wyndfal: Efram ----------- glomp

(Chibi_DM): oh my

Efram: Sorry Wynd... my heart is beyond repair

Efram: *walks into the sunset*

(Chibi_DM): what an inspirational ending

Super_Wyndfal: can I call you Gashtasb?

Efram: Yes

(Chibi_DM): ... no.

Super_Wyndfal: So Gashtasb *pulls sleeve*

Efram: Yes?

Super_Wyndfal: *tears the sleeve*

Super_Wyndfal: oops

(Chibi_DM): oh sh*t

Super_Wyndfal: OOOOOPS

Efram: ...

Super_Wyndfal: *tears the other sleeve*

Super_Wyndfal: OOOPPPS

(Chibi_DM): xD

(Chibi_DM): whats next? the whole shirt?

Efram: Do you think this is a game?

(Chibi_DM): O_O

Super_Wyndfal: actually I was going to launch a nuke on Kormikh Abad, but
that would work too

Super_Wyndfal: what's that?!

Efram: *hoping gifs work*


(Chibi_DM): wow... the chat is so colourful

Super_Wyndfal: Gashtasb, why do you have all these gifs

Efram: I have a lot of time on my hands since I'm a NEET

(Chibi_DM): oh deyum, whats that from?

Efram: it's +tic neesan

Super_Wyndfal: ne ne, Gashtasb.

Efram: it's pretty much a comedy anime with 2 minute episodes

Efram: Yes?

Super_Wyndfal: ~CHU~

Efram: I'll tell on you......


(Chibi_DM): hm i should give it a watch

Efram: all the episodes combined are like 30 minutes

Super_Wyndfal: so Gashtasb, ar you american?

Efram: You know very well I'm portuguese

Super_Wyndfal: dont change the subject

Efram: don't change your bra

Super_Wyndfal: then dont peep

(Chibi_DM): u dont have a bra... do u?

Efram: why would I want to peep!? your boobs are too big

Super_Wyndfal: lolicon.

(Chibi_DM): how did u mine are bigger then my older sisters?

(Chibi_DM): i mean theyre not

(Chibi_DM): deeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Super_Wyndfal: question


(Chibi_DM): *flies off with tiny chibi wings*

Efram: Go on DM... keep talking about your boobs!

(Chibi_DM): thats not a question

(Chibi_DM): neither of those are!

Efram: I didn't want to ask a question

Super_Wyndfal: which is worse: too big or too small?

Efram: too big

Efram: there is no too small

Super_Wyndfal: Oi, I was asking DM, Gashtasb

Efram: Have the feeling we shouldn't ask her this...!

(Chibi_DM): im not sure

(Chibi_DM): i mean i dont really care how big they are now

(Chibi_DM): *whispers somthing under her breath*

Super_Wyndfal: I love how she answers honestly!

(Chibi_DM): i tried

Super_Wyndfal: Thank you. next question

Efram: Just be proud of your boobies! Boobies are a blessing upon humankind!

Super_Wyndfal: is the weather daijoubu?

(Chibi_DM): that means fine right? ugh its too fine. it gets too hot sometimes

Efram: it's getting better... winter is finally giving way to spring

Efram: winter depresses me....

Super_Wyndfal: Now I'm going to teach you a Portuguese word

(Chibi_DM): i want it to be autum already

(Chibi_DM): im sick of summer

Super_Wyndfal: Enganar = baka

Efram: no it's not

Super_Wyndfal: what are you , a portuguese man?

Efram: Yes

Super_Wyndfal: I said are you a portuguese man?

(Chibi_DM): Efram ur not persian.

Efram: No I'm not xD why does everyone think that?


Super_Wyndfal: is there cod fish around where you live Gashtasb?

(Chibi_DM): oh my

Efram: in restaurants yes.... way too much

(Chibi_DM): i think i definintly prefer normal or smaller boobs

(Chibi_DM): anime is way too...

(Chibi_DM): seriouly anime?

(Chibi_DM): just stop trying to be sexy

(Chibi_DM): it only works on some guys

Super_Wyndfal: Efram doesnt watch anime

(Chibi_DM): (gasp) really?

Super_Wyndfal: yes

(Chibi_DM): Efram was dissin all my animes

Efram: oh yeah... I haaaaaaaate anime!

Efram: Dun believe Wynd so easily xD DM you too naive

(Chibi_DM): u should be locked in hell for lying to me

(Chibi_DM): and for that too

Super_Wyndfal: does Gashtasb also like what you hate and hate what you like?

(Chibi_DM): sorry for being naive

(Chibi_DM): so he hates cookies and dragons?

Efram: it's not my fault I am filled with hatred </3

(Chibi_DM): that b*tch

ChatBot: (Chibi_DM) is now known as Dragon_Mage.

Super_Wyndfal: animes, in particular

Super_Wyndfal: ku ku ku

Super_Wyndfal: KU KU KU

Super_Wyndfal: *coughs like a mad man*

Dragon_Mage: thats why he didnt comment when i changed my username to chibi

Super_Wyndfal: *a hydra comes out of his mouth*

Dragon_Mage: O_O

Super_Wyndfal: Gashtasb has a girlfriend

Efram: I do not...

Dragon_Mage: ooooOOOOOOoooo

Super_Wyndfal: how do you know?

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Dragon_Mage: im not helping am i?

Dragon_Mage: im cinfused

Super_Wyndfal: which one, petra or mori?

Dragon_Mage: i give up

Super_Wyndfal: dont

Efram: Petra

Super_Wyndfal: stay

Super_Wyndfal: *pulls leash

Super_Wyndfal: oh, I didnt know

Efram: DM is Vikon now

Efram: I didn't tell you?

Dragon_Mage: AH!

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Dragon_Mage: when did i have a collar and leesh

Super_Wyndfal: :O

Super_Wyndfal: (it was implemented in your skin)

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Efram: ---

Efram: ---

Dragon_Mage: *floating in air but connected to a leesh

Efram: ---

Efram: ---

Dragon_Mage: i be like a kite :P

Super_Wyndfal: (juggle rats while you're at it)

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: Sorry DM I'm just rambling about my problems with Wynd here

Dragon_Mage: *juggles rats while floating like a kite*

Efram: ---

Efram: ---

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Dragon_Mage: *gets over taken by the cuteness of the rats*

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Dragon_Mage: *starts cuddling them*

Efram: ---

Dragon_Mage: ~nyu

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Dragon_Mage: *is now cuddling a teddy bear while floating*

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Efram: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: ---

Super_Wyndfal: :P

Dragon_Mage: *starts falling asleep while in thin air holding a teddy bear*

Efram: ---

Efram: DM is totally out of the loop. I'm sorry

Super_Wyndfal: (come down you' time for supper)

Dragon_Mage: ~zzzzzzzz

Dragon_Mage: Hm?

Super_Wyndfal: *face really close*

Dragon_Mage: O_O

Efram: *pushes Wynd into DM*

Dragon_Mage: Wh-?

Efram: oh woops!

Dragon_Mage: O_O

Super_Wyndfal: OOOOPS

Dragon_Mage: :blush:

Super_Wyndfal: *tears Gashtasb's shirt

Super_Wyndfal: OOOOOPS

Efram: EEK

Dragon_Mage: *curled up* oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Dragon_Mage: (i want to turn this into a comic now :D )

Efram: Eh? What is it DM? Did he accidentally kiss you?

Dragon_Mage: O_O ....

Super_Wyndfal: baka!

Dragon_Mage: b-baka! u pushed him into me!

Efram: Eh? It was an accident! Don't need to be so mad~ everybody gives
their first kiss at one point

Dragon_Mage: >///<

ChatBot: Efram is now known as (Cupid_Efram).

Super_Wyndfal: you enganared me!

(Cupid_Efram): Weeeeeh~ spreading the love

Super_Wyndfal: have some choco

ChatBot: (Cupid_Efram) is now known as (Prince_Charmin).

Super_Wyndfal: I have connections.

(Prince_Charmin): I also have connections... internet connections

Dragon_Mage: *quietly tries to float away*

Super_Wyndfal: i dont have those

Super_Wyndfal: *pulls leash*

Dragon_Mage: *chokes*

Dragon_Mage: *cough*

Super_Wyndfal: *pushes leash*

(Prince_Charmin): Uh... you'rre relationship got pretty serious pretty
fast I see...

ChatBot: (Prince_Charmin) is now known as Efram.

Dragon_Mage: *tries to take off leesh*

Super_Wyndfal: I am an expert at relationships

Efram: I'm an expert at sex

Dragon_Mage: AH! let me go! let me go!!

Super_Wyndfal: see ya

Efram: aw, gonna leave?

Dragon_Mage: *floats to a safe distance*

Dragon_Mage: huff puff

Super_Wyndfal: sadly

Dragon_Mage: aww

Efram: alright

Efram: g'night Wynd

Dragon_Mage: goo' night wynd :)

Super_Wyndfal: g'night you two

Super_Wyndfal: it so sucks to leave

Super_Wyndfal: :D

Dragon_Mage: especially when chat manages to get better every time

Dragon_Mage: this ones gonna be recorded

Efram: Another one I see

Efram: I'm getting very popular on those

ChatBot: Super_Wyndfal logs out of the Chat.

After this chat my browser crashed so I lost all of this. I'd like to say thanks to Efram for recording it for me :)
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Re: Crazy Chat!
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I don't know why the pics are not coming up in the last message anymore but anyway, I've gathered up a few short funny moments from chat. Enjoy :)

Rigged chat dice?

ChatBot: trickyTemper rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

ChatBot: (Lolibutts) rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

(Lolibutts): this is rigged

ChatBot: Dragon_Mage rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

Dragon_Mage: ...yep

ChatBot: trickyTemper rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

(Lolibutts): see!


(The_Commodore): get naked

(Doragon): 8o

(Goshtasb): I'll only get naked if DM asks me nicely~ you're too crude for me Wynd -3-

Electronic shipping.

(Chibi_DM): oh "can you feel the love tonight?" just started playing in my piano collection vid. really youtube?

(Chibi_DM): i swear...

Efram: Oh wow... every electronic thing you have likes to ship you with other ppl

(Chibi_DM): ikr.

Shipping Dragons? (Please don't btw)

Green_Dragon: Don't go shipping us now!

Dragon_Mage: oh but i wasnt the one who started it. and btw i wasnt even thinking of that when i came up with the dragon

Dragon_Mage: what if someone else shipped us?

Dragon_Mage: burn there butts right?

Green_Dragon: Sure

Green_Dragon: Though I'd rather do something a bit more ... imaginative

Dragon_Mage: sure... lets kill them.

Green_Dragon: A violent one, aren't you?

Dragon_Mage: im just throwing ideas out there

Dragon_Mage: possible ideas

Dragon_Mage: ...violent ones

Green_Dragon: Note to self. Don't take whatever drug she's taking. Makes you go into fits of violence

Dragon_Mage: haha im joking i could never kill someone let alone burn their butts. beside im just a little 'runt' after all ::)

They're kidnapping me?

Efram: o_o *holds sign says free hugs*

Dragon_Mage: *glomps violently*

Efram: I caught DM Tricky! Get a car!

trickyTemper: Nice!

Dragon_Mage: *still hugging*

trickyTemper: Let's GO! Go! GO!

Dragon Eggs.

Efram rolls some sushi

Dragon_Mage rolls dragon eggs.

Efram: eh!? when did you become a mother!?

Dragon_Mage: i didnt. these eggs are from th- oh SHET!!

Efram: the who!?

Dragon_Mage: *runs from heaps of angey mother dragons*

Efram: I'm a fairy! immune to dragon types!




Dragon_Mage: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *still running*

Dragon_Mage that took all the dragon eggs.

Efram: use your dragon magic

Dragon_Mage: I DONT HAVE AN- wait i got my dragon whistle!

Dragon_Mage: wait

Dragon_Mage: *slows down, turns around and lays the eggs on the ground
Efram: why were you still carrying them?

Dragon_Mage: idk dude. *gets shot at with fire* yeeeehhhh!!!

Dragon_Mage: the real question would be 'why i took them in the first place?'

Efram: you can't adopt any dragons

Dragon_Mage: i know i just wanted to roll something like u. *watched dragons fly off with eggs* and i wonder why they dont
see me as one of them.

Dragon_Mage: well i doesnt matter, I got sunrider

Pat pat.

Efram: this got kinda real for a sec there xD *pat pat*

Dragon_Mage: *ears pop up*

Dragon_Mage: thats like an instand reflex now

Efram: =w= *pats more*

Dragon_Mage: *blushes*

Efram: oh~ you do blush a bit! cute

Dragon_Mage: >///< *covers face*

Dragon_Mage: n-no i dont


Violence or karma? (this one happened earlier today)

Wynd-chan: have you seen a succubus perform?

Wynd-chan: oops, I said it!

Dragon_Mage: can i cut them up dm?

Dragon_Mage: no. just let karma do the work


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Re: Crazy Chat!
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Just look how popular I am!  :blush:

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Re: Crazy Chat!
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And now... the moment you've all been waiting for... the Shoutbox Fight!!

Read bottom to top.

Quote from: the Shoutbox
To be continued...

I'm going to buy a new dress!

Dragon Magician:
Yep! So now neither of us can have it!


*GASP* My... dress... You... you...

Dragon Magician:
*throws at feet*

Dragon Magician:
Argh! FINE! You want the dress? Then here! *ribs*

You've been eating a lot of peanut butters lately! Perhaps you should go on a diet!

Dragon Magician:
WHAT! Are you saying I'm FAT?!

It's mine! I was the one who first saw that on the shop window! Besides it doesn't even fit you anymore!

Dragon Magician:
NO! *pulls it back*

Don't be such a baby! You know how I loved that dress! *pulls at one end*

Dragon Magician:


Dragon Magician:

And my dress the one with the cute pink blossoms and the river. I'll take that with me!

Dragon Magician:
*throws items at Wynd* I didn't need them anyway!

Now gimme my shampoo! And my hair drier!

Dragon Magician:

You heard me! I'm going to Gena Rosebottom. Don't you dare follow me there!

Dragon Magician:
You can't do that!

Dragon Magician:

That's it. I'm calling the wedding off!

Dragon Magician:
Ok... Soz...

Nooo! Just when I thought you were going to apologize...

Dragon Magician:
I didn't... ok look I... *whispers*

Then don't SAY that!

Dragon Magician:
Hay don't do that!


Dragon Magician:
I didn't mean it like that I ment....

Dragon Magician:
Shh! People will hear!

*gasp* I AM NOT A WHORE!

Dragon Magician:
*whispers something really quietly*

Yes, yes, below the knee, just above the big scar.

Dragon Magician:
*more whispers*

Once, but when he got used to it, I preferred not to do that anymore.

Dragon Magician:
You did. Just now. But... *whisper*

No no no, Elder Suck got divorced three times BECAUSE of his drinking problem, not despite it. Who told you that?

Dragon Magician:
That's not what important but... *whispers*

That is exactly what I was trying to tell THEM before they kicked me out! How did you know that?

Dragon Magician:
*whispers something else*

Well, I agree with some parts of it but overall, I think it is still too early to decide.

Dragon Magician:
*whispers something really quietly*

whisper it.

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Re: Crazy Chat!
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More chat moments, these will be the last ones from AJAX.

What's the meaning of loli?

(DragonRider): *goes on google*

(Loli_Princess): oh god xD

(D-Cup): that's exacty what I wanted to say XD

(Loli_Princess): DM will never talk to me in 3..2...1...

(DragonRider): whats the full name? google is stupid

(D-Cup): BAAAM

(D-Cup): we're saved Efram


(The_Commodore): now I'm gonna flush myself down a toilet

(DragonRider): *flush noises*

(The_Commodore): *some stuff comes up*

(The_Commodore): What do you think it is?

(Lolibutts): your hopes and dreams

(The_Commodore): XDD

(The_Commodore): oh god I almost choked!

(Lolibutts): good

(DragonRider): hahaha


(Lolibutts): DM DID YOU JUST TURN 18!?

(The_Commodore): Efram, dont!

(Lolibutts): xD fine fine

(The_Commodore): She's still the same person :P

(DragonRider): whaaaat?

(The_Commodore): he was wondering if you could pour him a cup of coffee

(The_Commodore): RIGHT EFRAM?!

(Lolibutts): Y-yes! Ofc!

(The_Commodore): also you're now old enough to drive

(The_Commodore): i'm sure he meant that

(The_Commodore): RIGHT EFRAM?

(Lolibutts): what no that's 16

(The_Commodore): oh

And an extra little short...

Dragon_Mage: yeah but its not his fault (i havent seen it yet but ive seen part of it) its because of that succubus chick

Dragon_Mage: heck if i was more succubus then dragon i probably wouldn't be a virgin today

Dragon_Mage: that doesnt instantly imply i am a succubus in any way

Efram: but it's still fault of the writers. I dunno I just take it very srsly. And...uh.. not sure how to react to that xD


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Re: Crazy Chat!
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Any update on crazy chat? I laughed very hard at home when i read it  :facepalm:
Specially for this one  :3

(Lolibutts): DM DID YOU JUST TURN 18!?

(The_Commodore): Efram, dont!

(Lolibutts): xD fine fine

(The_Commodore): She's still the same person :P

(DragonRider): whaaaat?

(The_Commodore): he was wondering if you could pour him a cup of coffee

(The_Commodore): RIGHT EFRAM?!

(Lolibutts): Y-yes! Ofc!

(The_Commodore): also you're now old enough to drive

(The_Commodore): i'm sure he meant that

(The_Commodore): RIGHT EFRAM?

(Lolibutts): what no that's 16

(The_Commodore): oh

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Re: Crazy Chat!
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I'd love to upload more but we haven't been in AJAX chat in awhile. Also I have recorded chat sections from Skype but Efram didn't want me to upload them :reivsweat: we tend to have funnier conversations with Wynd anyway so don't worry there might be one coming soon :seraismile:


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Re: Crazy Chat!
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Ok. I'll be waiting  :deepstuff:

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Re: Crazy Chat!
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I had a chat with some of the newer members of these forums last night and something happened that I want to post here. We were just starting to play a game where each member rolls a dice and the member with the highest roll asks the other two a question. Something funny happened in the first round.

I swear though...

Quote from:  Chat
ChatBot: TheMysteryLynx rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

ChatBot: Dragon_Mage rolls 1d6 and gets 2.

sylv: just 1 roll each?

TheMysteryLynx: yes

ChatBot: sylv rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

TheMysteryLynx: Me and you roll again

ChatBot: TheMysteryLynx rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

TheMysteryLynx: WOW

ChatBot: sylv rolls 1d12 and gets 3.

TheMysteryLynx: WOW

ChatBot: TheMysteryLynx rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

The next roll was a 4 I think, by sylv. Talk about rigged chat dice! Where have I seen that before ::) Afterwards though we were trying to think of a good question and I came up with "Do socks taste good in bread if you boil them first?" XD