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Dragon Mage:
OK for those of you who have played through A Bird Story will already know that the name for TtM's sequel is Finding Paradise. While Kan rests up a bit I thought maybe we could come up with pre-theories for the game. (A Bird Story theories are also welcome :) ) After I played ABS I thought about how the title of the games are linked with the plot so my theory is maybe Finding Paradise has to do with the protagonist wanting to go somewhere or find something. I'm not sure if it's to do with the bird at all but I'm sure we'll see him in the sequel as well.

Dev J Chand:
Well, I'm just partway through the game, but to me it seemed that the whole thing was basically about a boy thinking about his life through a dream. It had the same sort of black outlines for people he didn't remember well, lights flashing at certain moments, etc. If anything, I feel this is part of the boy's story told from his perspective, and To The Moon 2 will show off a bit of this part, as well as some other moments of his life from the doctor's perspective.

My theory is that this boy is Neil Watts and he will be next patient in Finding Paradise. This boy wanted to help this bird as Neil wanted to help people as a doctor. Furthermore, Neil took some pills at the end of To The Moon, so I assume that he is sick somehow. Theories, theories... ;)

Dev J Chand:

--- Quote from: Mav on November 08, 2014, 05:23:15 AM ---My theory is that this boy is Neil Watts and he will be next patient in Finding Paradise.

--- End quote ---

Theory debunked by Kan. Neil Watts is going to be a doctor in the next installment alongside Eva.

Here's the post hinting that:


Dragon Mage, good idea about what he wants already showing here. Makes me think, he kept on dreaming of flight. Both by making those paper planes and imagining flying through the air on them.
And the bird he found tied into this idea of flight ... hmmm. And when he found the bird, it couldn't fly. But thanks to his good care, in the end, it was able to fly ... and gave him another paper plane, maybe so as to say "And this is so you can fly, too."
I bet it will be about him wishing to fly. Or finding a kind of freedom he never had in his life. He sure seemed to have a very playful mind, but it all stayed mostly imagination, apart from the bird making his dream come true in a way.


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