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Problems on translation
« on: August 31, 2014, 10:42:26 PM »
We‘re almost finishing translation, only one problem left:
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
". . . I've always thought they were lighthouses."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"Billions of lighthouses. \..\. .\.\.
. . . stuck at the far end of the sky."
\ignr\e[5]\nm[ John ]
"Wow, \.\.it must be so lively up there."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"But it isn't."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"They can see all the other lighthouses out
there, \.\.and they want to talk to them."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"But they can't,\.\. because they're all too far
apart to hear what the others are saying."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"All they can do. . .\.\. is shine their lights from afar."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
". . . So that's what they do."
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"They shine their lights at the other
lighthouses, \.\.and at me."
\ignr\e[5]\nm[ John ]
"Why you?"
\ignr\e[6]\nm[ River ]
"Because one day.\. .\. .\.
     .\. .\. .\. I'm going to befriend one of them. "
How to translate these words on bold?
I can't find the description of the right word here.
Any opinion?