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Sin Unsullied (Full version released!)

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@Lance, (so many sparkles o.o) Glad to hear it. And I hope you and your sparkly self will enjoy it when I release a demo later this week.


I spent the day mapping out the main character's mansion. Man did it take forever x.x There was just so much empty space to fill in. Freaking rich people.

Here are some screenies of the mansion (they just show off a tiny bit of the mapping I did today)
Spoiler: show

I want Lee's bedroom :P

Also, I did my first nightmare graphic. The enemies in the games don't exist. They and their world are what created the human subconcious (and along with it sentience) just by existing. So they're more conceptual energy than actual beings. I decided to make them scribbles and energy. I'm not sure if I like the result. It looks a LOT more lazy than it is. It took a significant amount of time to draw that thing from every angle multiple times for battle (then deciding that particular enemy only looked intimidating from the front and scrpapped the other angels x.x)

Tell me what you think

Spoiler: show

Do do do double post...


After taking advice from a few different people, I modified the style of the nightmares. I think it looses a bit of uniqueness, (and departs a bit from my original vision) but it's hard to argue that this doesn't look better :P
Let me know what you guys think.

I used some half-kaiser sprite pieces for the armor, then sprited in the energy and scribbles from scratch. I think this new style fits in universe a bit better than my previous iteration, as the Reapers transform into their battle outfits with similar looking blue energy (though it looks solid after transformation). My justification for magical girl transformations is that it's difficult to hurt nightmares with physical things. So they wrap themselves in something that's both physical and Still need to come up with a name for the stuff :P

I agree that this new nightmare fits much more with the rest of the game's art style :)
From what I see, your game is going to be very unique by having lots of fresh animations and interesting characters :)
Actually I have a plot about dreams/nightmares in my mind too that I may someday make it as a game, so far it seems to be very different from your game but I may defer playing your game until I have a more clear idea about what I'm going to do, so my game does not become an unintentional copy of yours.  :reivsweat:
Good luck with the contest by the way :)

Hey Ali :D

Glad it looks promising to you ^.^ The more work I put into it, the more excited I get to see my baby run loose in the wild. And I wouldn't worry about accidentally copying it. I find that it's easier to avoid copying people with similar ideas if you're aware of what they've done. But I'll leave it up to you when to try out my game :3


--- Quote from: legacyblade on June 10, 2014, 04:29:53 PM ---I find that it's easier to avoid copying people with similar ideas if you're aware of what they've done.
--- End quote ---
Fair enough :)


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