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Sin Unsullied (Full version released!)

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--- Quote ---I wasn't referring to visual novels, I was referring to these RPGMaker games and those like it; these free games (with low quality visuals) made with some simple editor. But really, when I think about it, I could say that same thing about all free games that involve face to face conversations, which requires some kind of emotion. Hell, games that actually have a budget have a hard time getting voiced conversations right, and I've yet to hear of a free game that's managed it. Of course, there is no absolute rule about these things, and I imagine that there must be a free game out there with some decently (English) voiced conversations. If anyone knows of one, please share ^_^ And I'm not referring to those 'free' MMOs that make money in non-subscription based ways.
--- End quote ---
I just watched Markiplier as he started an Amnesia Custom Story with fairly good voice acting. I thought that the guy was alright, but found the lady's voice to be better -

Reminding myself to download and try this out sometime

other than that sorry for necroing

Necropost is necro.

I did recently fix a gamebreaking bug and every typo I could find.

So like...yeah. It's slightly better now.

The Jassi-fricka-nation:
Hey, I haven't been on here in about... How long has it been? ... How many posts do I even have?

Anyways, my brother, Abrom, was suggesting I try out this game so I went ahead and recorded myself doing a couple parts so far (as my channel content is largely RPG Maker stuff anyways). is the first part I have at the moment.

The video is scheduled at the moment and will also be public on Youtube later today, but Vidme lets me share scheduled videos easier than Youtube for early access stuff or something. will be up 3pm EST today (8/17/17).

So, yeah, hope I didn't ruin your game too much with my voices. Also, wanted to apologize for my face... I was very tired and still need to trim my beard. :) And I got pretty lazy with the thumbnail. 8)

Edit: And now for dual parts twos and stuff... &


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