Author Topic: Bug: Plant -Spoiler-  (Read 3546 times)

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Bug: Plant -Spoiler-
« on: April 22, 2014, 01:54:46 AM »
If you have yet to complete this game, I would suggest that you leave NOW!! Parts of this post contain critical events in the story

I received the final phone call from Birdie and the plant breaks through the glass. Naturally, one would inspect the plant afterwards but the troll that is me, I decide that I want to stay in the house. I believe that the first thing I did after the phone call was Leave the Room and enter the study. I reread the messages from the computer. After this, I took one of the two routes back to the large room (I was attempting to go to the basement). Upon reentering, I noticed that the glass had disappeared. At this point, I have yet to inspect the plant. About 5 minutes of exploration once again, I decide to inspect the plant. Now after watching gameplay from others, if I were to have immediately inspect the plant after the call, I should be prompted to use to pesticides on the plant but instead, I am given the option to continue watering the plant. I keep watering the plant for about 3 minutes or so until I decide the perhaps I missed an event. I explore the house once again -- nothing. I continue to water the plant (What was weird was that even with only empty buckets, I can still water it). So in summary, my plant did not give me the option to climb it after I left the room.

I have attached my zip file of the game-file (if it was being saved in the folder) without the Audio Folder (to save space)