Author Topic: Should the military service be mandatory?  (Read 23747 times)

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Re: Should the military service be mandatory?
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Lol. Let's see, where to begin...

You may want to convince yourself and others that you're fighting for your family, for your neighbor's family and for everyone in 'murica (clearly the only people worth defending), but in reality you're not really doing that because you can't pick your battles. You're a pawn. A pawn that has no choice. You don't get to defend anyone, you get to do someone else's dirty work and get a paycheck for it. The "protect freedom" speech is just something they brainwash you with so you can accept the job and feel proud about it. Part of that manipulation I talked about earlier.

Notice that never once have I ever attempted to justify wars. I can tell you that none of my bros ever bought that abstract bull about freedom, dignity and whatnots. No dogma means anything when the first IED detonates 6 feet away. Pride? Money? Ain't meant half a camel's arse when you're in a bodybag. I kinda get wat you meant when you said we ain't defending anyone: its just a struggle to survive the next patrol.

Y'know, the worst o' it was that people back home get sick o' it sooner than we do. Folks more interested in Paris Hilton's lack o' dirty underwear than the so-called 'peace-process' in Iraq. Now, use half your imagination and wonder what would happen if we're the ones being invaded. You seriously believe that our average american youth is ready to handle this kinda situations on our own home-turf? I hope you don't suggest that they shuffle their feet and say somethin' like: "Can't we, like, just get along or somethin'?" Oh, by the way, I tried that on the mauled bloody mess o' a fellow who tried to blow up the women's hospital. Didn't work. Prolly because he's too frothin' in the mouth to curse dam infidel americans. He prolly had a blind widow mum back home too, or 5 malnutritioned daughters, but somehow finds it justified to send the infidel scum american to hell for settin' up an emergency hospital for women. How bout the womenfolk that we shinin' white knights defend so much from their demonic religious zealots? They're so grateful that they'd show as some good ol' yandere love by decapitating us and puttin' our heads on spikes from the marketplace.

Look, I'm not trying to be a hippie saying we all should love each other and destroy our guns or whatever. I'm just saying let's not call these things honorable, noble, or any other positive adjective because none will fit the bill. This is merely a sometimes unnecessary evil we got to live with. If you want to fight for your country, you're entitled to do whatever you want, I can't stop you. But let's not lie to each other saying you're doing for the good of mankind. You're doing it because you were brainwashed into it and because you give a damn about everyone else but those really close to you.

Where did morals come into this? Soldiers do their jobs and die. Honor? Reason? Please. If Darwin's still aroun', I'd have butchslapped his arse for even hintin' that mankind evolved from monkeys. Apes' are so much nicer people. Get this straight: no matter how kind/altruistic, how idealistic/self-sacrificing a portion of the population is, the greater half just see what's in front of them. That's just how the world is. Its juvenile to presume that everyone can get along without preparing for the worst. So soldiering's a necessary evil, because mankind ain't good in the first place.