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Back Cannons! (Early Board Game Development)
« on: December 13, 2013, 01:29:52 AM »
I'm making this thread as an early developmental setting for a board game idea I've been trying to work on. This is a way to see not only if the entire idea is worth pursuing, but to sort of develop it openly and allow a free-flow of perspectives.

Tentative Name: Paultimate (Code Name: Back Cannons)

Type: Strategy

Elements: Strategy Movement, Character Drafting, Deck Building

Setting/Theme: Fictitious Modern-Day Competitive Sport

Inspirations: Ultimate Frisbee, Blitzball (FFX), Small World (board game), Valkyria Chronicles

The idea is simple enough. Each player manages a team of four athletes who all have various types of catapults and cannons strapped to their back. The goal is to launch the ball to a teammate while they are in the opponent's territory.

On your turn, you can move your characters to better locations, but the person with the ball cannot move.

On a grid, this makes it seem a lot like chess, except you can move multiple pieces per turn. What steps things off is that you have cards in your hand that can be used to augment the characters as they act. Furthermore, these cards are based on the characters you draft before you play.

(To do this, I took the idea deck building and mixed it with race recruiting in Small World.)

Characters --> Cards

Each character comes with an unique combination of cards. For example, above, Character A comes with three Yellow, one Red, and two White. If you like Red cards best, you might decide to recruit Character C instead. Character C has six Red cards!

Imagine there's a character who is known for being fast. The mechanical embodiment of this would be a set of cards that increase movement that are only available with the "fast" character. Or maybe some character can catch the best; they're cards will be stacked most for catching.

The better part of this is that cards aren't exclusive to the character that brought them into the deck. By injecting the fast character's cards into your deck, you have the ability to make EVERY character on your team fast!

But there's more.

The catapults and cannons.

Gear --> Cards

Gear also comes with cards, but rather than being unique to each piece of gear, the gear is separated into types. Type A draws four randomly from the Type A pile.

Before playing against each other, players take turns picking from three randomly pulled character/gear combinations.

Character/Gear --> Cards

After picking four characters, you'll end up with 40 cards in your deck.

Think of it like having a draft for pieces in chess, where each piece comes with cards that enable other pieces. A rook piece would come with cards that could let even the pawn move across the board in a straight line, and a bishop would grant the possibility of sending the knight diagonally.

I have more of some of the movement details here, as well as some minor ideas I need to tweak.


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Re: Back Cannons! (Early Board Game Development)
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2013, 06:40:12 PM »
I am horrible at reading board game directions, but from someone who loves board games, this looks interesting. :) Keep on working on it.