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Gone Home
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:56:45 AM »
Has anyone had the pleasure of playing Gone Home by The Fullbright Company?  It's a great example of environmental storytelling as it has ZERO characters in the game, other than you, and it all takes place in one location, a mansion.  I started it yesterday and next thing I knew it was three and a half hours later and the game came to its amazing conclusion.  The game got a 9.5 review on IGN, for whatever that's worth.  I've also read high praise on various forums..some even saying they got very emotional, some saying it's one of the best games they played in years.  For a game with no combat and no npc or player interaction, this seems quite a feat.

If you do plan on playing it, and I highly recommend it, I will say this:  the less you know going into it, the better!  Don't read any reviews, don't check out the wikipedia entry for it..stay away from everything.  I can't even explain why but do yourself a favor, get it and play it, blindly if possible.  I bet you will be glad you did. 

I'd love to hear anyone's take on it if they have played it..especially on the following: (major spoilers below)

Spoiler: show
Especially your take on Katie's lack of character development, The response of Sam's parents to her situation...I thought it didn't fit too well...they seemed like they would be more liberal..with her father writing such strange fiction and her mother working for the environment and their love of music and the arts.  And finally, the parent's relationship with each other.  You felt like Jan was going to cheat on her husband but then they ended up at a couple's counseling.  Was there evidence that this was Jan's attempt to save the marriage/do you think their marriage would have lasted?


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Re: Gone Home
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2013, 10:53:47 PM »
I played the game too, it was a very good game. I loved going around and picking things up, but then my Asymmetrical phobia kicked in and I spent most of the game putting everything back where it went.  :seraisweat:

Spoiler: show
The story was brilliant. The ending was really happy/sad, I can't tell, all that I know is I felt like crying or something around those lines.

My favorite thing about the game was that some of the books titles were legible, I loved reading the titles. But that's because I can get entertained easily by the right thing.

There's really not much more that I can say about the game, it was worth buying.
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