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Hall of Shame: "Requires 20 Posts to View"
« on: October 04, 2008, 05:20:27 PM »
I've always despised the post count system in general, and I really don't like the "X-Posts-to-View" idea either. I hate when people say they're more of a veteran to some board because they've posted more, when someone like me, who has been here since chapter 1, has been here LONGER than those people who have whatever post count they have. This is probably my first post, and being so, would spamming the board with 20 pointless posts really make me worthy of viewing this "Hall of Shame" area? Sure I could take the time to contribute 20 useful posts to the boards, but that doesn't mean I'm better then someone who has been here since those "Hall of Shame" times.

I only post on forums when I feel that I am contributing something. Other people like me who like to read rather then post should be able to access that area. I think it should be changed to say, "Requires 20 Posts to Post," which still is bad, considering it is based on the post count idea. An opinion is an opinion, and though others may love their post counts, I find them inadequate for viewing access to this particular board.


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Re: Hall of Shame: "Requires 20 Posts to View"
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2008, 06:06:40 PM »
Hey tmfs.

First of all, I agree that the "I am more of a veteran because I post more" (*cough* Carson :P *cough*) thing is quite an annoyance and obviously false, and I'm pretty sure that most feel the same way. I know where you are coming from, but this is not a matter of egotistical superiority.

And here are the reasons:

  • 1. Posts and activities are needed to keep this forum alive.
This board is a small one. It is no surprise that forum activity here, unlike already-established boards with continuous flow of activity, is highly treasured. Without anyone posting, it feels like a ghost town, and hence has a snowball effect as people feel "If it's already dead, why bother?"

Activities in general, even if in a spammy board as Chatter Box, really do help - because it keeps up the forum's momentum in some ways, and gives other visitors incentives to potentially post in areas that do have a point; nobody wishes to join in on a board with no activity within the last week.

  • 2. Not about "superiority", but about contribution.
Any indie developer would know that motivation is hard to come by after years of dedication. Say that you drew a picture and posted it on Deviantart, and after a month there is not one comment but there are 20 views. Now, you are grateful for those views, but yet there is still a hollow feeling as there is nothing concrete to ride on. I think you'd agree on that.

I appreciate you following the game since the beginning, I really do - but when you don't say a word about it even when the forum is a ghost town with tumbleweed rolling around, it doesn't exactly aid my motivation which lingers on the edge as a result. Keep in mind that my point here is still merely about the importance of forum activity, rather than individuals' non-participation. And I do believe that anyone who has posted a creative work or the like on the internet for feedback would know and feel the difference between mere views and comment, and would want to reward the latter for their help in both helpful feedback and motivation.

  • 3. Optional
With that said, this is not something mandatory or important, for that matter. It is merely an easter egg for those who are interested. And as a "reward" to those who have made the board as active as it is today, the restrictions are chosen; as well as to encourage future activities. I honestly don't think that it is unreasonable for an administrator of a still small forum that is in need of much activity to take off, to have such a tiny restriction on a bonus feature.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  = =

All in all, I have devoted the past 2 years of my life to it day in and day out, with no monetary income (rather deficit) for the labour, and this forum is all that I have to show for the fruit of all this work through people's feedbacks and the livelihood of this place. If not for those people who are posting, it would be another deserted forum with nothing to hang onto.

Now if you look from my perspective; is it too much to ask for to, for this one time, throw some benefit for those who have helped build this place to the way it is today, and to keep my motivation to get to where the project is today?

I hope it didn't come off offensive, as again, I really do appreciate you playing the game; and I do recognize your name from a long time ago. But I hope you can understand that this forum is nothing without the activities, and I do have quite a lot of dependency on it.

I do believe that people like you who have been following the project from the beginning certainly deserve to try it; but lifting the restriction would also mean that it would be open to everybody, most of which aren't in your shoes. If you want, PM me and I'll send you the link to the dl. c:
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