Author Topic: Some ideas for more stories like this as I was playing the game  (Read 2069 times)

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1: Turns out a mental construct inside the patient's mind can see and hear you (i.e. the client received some sort of mental virus). Could be the whole operation was a trap.

2: Turns out the memories you were viewing were fake (i.e. Total Recall) or someone else's (i.e. memory transfer,
Spoiler: show
for a moment I thought that was the case with the Joey and Johnny thing
). To make this work properly, there should be proper foreshadowing like the client could be an employee of Sigmund Corp. itself.

3. Turns out the scientist (who is viewing someone else's memories as his job) is himself just a memory of his real, dying self. (i.e. his dying wish was to do his job successfuly).

4.  :Evapple: A scientist assumes a secret identity to jump through legalities and fix people's lives.. wait a minute, we already have that (Paprika is an awesome movie).

P.S. The game was the closest I can get to an Inception videogame, so it was cool in that regard.  :-*
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