Author Topic: Such an excellent game! Even though not graphic-wise... *might include spoilers*  (Read 1337 times)

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Hey there,

the game is fantastic. I'm totally not a fan of big RPG games and especially not pixelated games (even though I did play quite a few of them - including games such as Y's, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana etc.). This game however managed to catch me pretty fast - and not let me ago till I was done.

1. the German translation is SO MAGNIFICENT, that I first really thought it's a german game - till I found out.
2. I had an opportunity to try the game before buying - this is amazing and I was totally happy to buy it afterwards!
3. I was surprised, that except for this thoughts-modifying machine everything seemed pretty normal - no magic etc.

I must say I didn't like Eva much. I even started to hate her when I thought she's going to do you know what about River. But then I understood and they managed to satisfy their customer in that they kept their contract. This game/story did have this little something, that made me think of the movie Inception though, especially the ending. In the end I wasn't sure whether or not the story was going about Dr. Neil, because I mean .. yes, of course it's a memorable thing they've accomplished, but those painkillers... perhaps it's him who's dying .. or maybe not.. who knows.

Great game.

Engine wise I've seen tons of great images and a REALLY BEAUTIFUL soundtrack. I even cried at times and was happy at other times. The only thing I didn't like too much was the engine. The graphics etc. were okay, but it was annoying to sometimes get stuck somewhere.. one time I even had to recover from save game, because I couldn't move.

Thank you though - it was a really refreshing game. I'm hoping for a good sequel!



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I'm glad that you enjoyed the translation :)
We tried our best to convey the same feelings as in the original one.
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