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Hello everybody..
Here I want to discuss about the music of DYRML. The songs are really lovely and sad, especially Lullaby. The first time I heard it, I just sat pensively and close my eyes to hear that deep song.  :'( It makes me feel really sad, even I could feel the love is flowing from the pure heart of a mother.  :(
I fell in love with that song, and I want to play it on piano, but I couldn't find the sheet music of Lullaby. Does someone know how can I find the sheet music? Really want to play it...........

Thank you...

Note: I couldn't make a new topic on DYRML's forum. I've reported it to the mod and he is still looking for what's happening there, so that's why I put the topic here....

Hmm, well I have the guitar part tabbed for Lullaby. I doubt that'll help, but it's here if you need it. :vikonsmile:

It's okay, I think it would help, because my aural is bad.. :(
Do you mind to share it?  :)

I have the sheet music for lullaby although it is quite simple it still sounds nice !!
Spoiler: showhttp://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/8bd85031ab215f0c03446016c75fc2c467bdb2db

hope it helps!

Thanks! I will love to ply it on piano too. :vikonsmile:


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