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Random pictures from mepwnn
« on: July 20, 2012, 08:50:07 PM »
So, I didn't mention it here (seeing as my last post was maybe a month ago. again x_x) but I've been taking a business course for college credit for the past 3 weeks. And it's pretty tiring/boring. So randomly I'd grab my notebook and doodle. Here's the two I've done so far:

Murder murder murder!
Spoiler: show

This is a picture based on my friends and I on the 2g1m public server. JakeFavre is a moderator who is known to have a crush on user Silentgears (on the server I'm referred to as her slave). Silent on the other hand, is weirded out and often times proves that she's a better fighter than Jake is. So I drew this up for her. By the way, Kogasa is my Minecraft skin, and my 2g1m forum avatar is one that Silent drew up for me.

League of Legends
Spoiler: show

This is a picture I drew around my experiences in LoL. Basically, I tend to main Garen and go mid against bots. I play with a couple of friends (notably Silent whenever she's on), and THIS situation ALWAYS happens. I took my rage and put it onto paper. know the number of pictures that involve Silent may or may not... nah. Anyways, comment and do dat good stuff that everyone loves!
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