Author Topic: A game that deserves to be on the 100 games everyone should play list  (Read 2073 times)

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Hello everyone.
Let me start off by saying that playing To the moon moved me in ways few other mediums could previously. It has given me an appreciation of life and a new perspective on those we live it with.

Coming to the point, I recently came to know that Games for change ( and ESI design are compiling a list of 100 games that eveyone should play:
Since the main theme of games for change is social impact and a change in perspective of the society, I thought that To the moon should be a part of the list. You can vote for the game on ths list here:

along with other games that you think might be compelling for the society as a whole to play.

Also, this talk: gives a very nice viewpoint on how games can change peoples lives.


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Hey, welcome to the forums!  :hug:

I absolutely agree with what you said about TtM. It truly is amazing.  :seraismile:

I just voted for it on the top 100 list. I encourage everyone to do the same!! We need more awareness!!  XD

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