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Chain of Retribution
« on: April 14, 2012, 03:02:11 AM »

Chain of Retribution
Platform- RM2k3

A chain game, sent from person to person, each putting in their part of the epic story in their own style.

When two mercenaries accepted an escort job--thought to be a swift and easy-- they found themselves involved into a global conspiracy that would shake the very core of the earth.


A mercenary for hire who was asked to escort Rise to the capital city. He's a bit naive but has a good heart.

Siegmunds brother. He works together with Siegmund. He's the more serious of the 2 and more organized.

A magician girl, she needs to get to the capital city. She goes and hires some help because she knows the trip isn't going to be so easy...

A warrior who is spoke of in legends. People know little about who he actually is. Domitian arrives to the capital city because of a letter.

A strong and calm warrior, she travels with Domitian for the same reason. While benevolent, she also has little tolerance for stupidity.

Screen Shots

*New twist on the battle system: Each character is divided into 3 categories. Striker, Balance or Passive. Striker types regain MP in battle by attacking only. They'll gain 20 MP this way, and are usually more for saving up for a big attack.
Balance types regain 10 MP regardless of what command is used. Their skills tend to cost less but are not usually focused on having a big final attack to use.
Passive types regain 30 MP when you defend. They also start with the most MP in a battle and are Mage-types.

*Encounter Gauge which fills up as you fight encounters (which are seen on the map). Once filled, you can open up a special chest in the area.

*Party changing system

Download here

It is a chaingame between:


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