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[RM2k3] Enex1: The Prequel
« on: December 30, 2011, 09:31:11 PM »

Download here:

Enex1 Disclaimer "Enex: Legend of the Hero" is the first game I ever made. I started it in the year 2004. That's right, as of now that is 9 years ago. I finished it 5 or so months after that. It is ancient. It is a relic. It is the first game made by a man (then a boy) passionate for game design. But it was a game made by a kid in Junior High! I have improved considerably since then.

I have decided to post this as is, despite not being particularly proud of this game, I have had interest of it expressed to me and I decided, oh what the hell, it can't hurt to have it available. I mean it is a full game, after all. I will fix game breaking bugs, but I do not have any plans to make any improvements upon this relic.

Why release at all then? Mostly for the legacy of it. I've had many people play the game who have stated they enjoyed it a lot. I also am planning on releasing the sequel, Enex2 (A game which, by the way, has been complete for several years now but I simply never took the initiative to place it on the web.) and know that some might be curious to look into the past.

Also, I hope you can decipher that absurd rpg2003 font! =P

A young man who goes off with his friends to defend his city against the menace of the nearby Ogres only to be roped into something quite a lot more than protecting his town, but a struggle for the safety of his entire universe. His journey will take him to far away places, and he will meet new friends, the eight legendary heroes spoken of in the myths of Enex II.
Enex the warrior, named after the continent of his birth (and giver of the name to the series.)
Eros the cosmic mage
Rel the swordmaster
Claria the healer
Fyres the archer
Sir Tal the knight
Lufredis the bishop
Rekkesh the shadow mage.

The game is approximately 15-20 hours long from start to finish. It may take more or less than that depending on how fast you complete the game.


A battle in Enex1.

The greatest city on the Enexian Continent, Carille. One will find a bustling market to purchase top notch equipment here and an Arena to test your strength.

Some treasure hidden in Cave Pass. I wonder how to reach it..?

One of the "Arcade Stand" minigames of Enex1. You will earn prizes for shooting all the squid in the time allotted. Calamari anyone?

In the evil shadow realm, everything is backwards!

After downloading the zip file of Enex, extract it anywhere. In order to open up Enex, open the exe labeled "RPG_RT". If you do not like the name of this, (if you change it it will not work), then simple create a shortcut onto your desktop of it and name it Enex1.. or whatever you want to call it.

So have fun! Or don't.

In any case, if you're curious to know what I am working on lately, visit me at
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