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Doubled stuff
« on: December 08, 2011, 09:27:26 AM »
In case you've wondered why there is so much stuff more than one time in your textfile to translate and if it's relevant to translate:

There are some possibilities:
1) Old unused maps (not relevant):
I've already talked to Reives about this, when we began translating. He has removed a lot of old stuff, but there is still some old stuff left.

2) Trigger branches (relevant):
Choosing whether to play Neil or Eva results in two different event sets, depending on who you play.
You should translate them different, because the characters shouldn't talk the same way.

3) Duplicated Events (relevant):
In some cases the dialgue starts if you talk with one out of two persons (-> there are different places to start the event), Reives copied the old event in this case, so we got multiple sets of the same dialogue.
This should be translated the same, because otherwise you will receive different dialogues depending on where you start the dialogue (or you could vary it for surprise replay value, hehe~...).
4) Story related flashbacks (relevant):
Of course those should be translated the same way, they've been translated in the scene before.

It's difficult to find out which lines are are unused, so it's best to translate them all.
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