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« on: November 08, 2011, 11:07:28 AM »
When I first tested the game, I thought this game will be amazing, but after playing the full game, I realized I was wrong.
It was sad, happy, humorous, had amazing music, a Doctor Who reference, and yes, such an episode would be epic.
This game is a perfect example of how games with plot and character development can affect a game, and not some fancy 3D graphics.
This game deserves much more attention, this is why I'm going to tell all of my friends about this game.
I can't wait for the 2nd episode and hope it'll be even better than this!
Kan, you're a true genius, like some sort of "The King of Indie Games", and as I said before, I can't wait for the 2nd episode of To The Moon/Unknown 2nd episode title.

I hate giving grades, I think that the moment you see the grade of a review, you just ignore the whole review and see the grade, but this game totally deserves a 10/10.

BTW, what about Lyra's Melody?
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Re: Amazing!
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2011, 02:16:01 PM »
Reives said something about possibly doing the story of Lyra's Melody as a "To the Moon Port", if I remember correctly. So you can (hopefully) expect to see it done as another reverse chronological awesome-sauce story.

(btw, facemaker avatar ftw)