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23-year-old Florentine Blanc is a college graduate who's dedicated her life to travel. Without having a career to fall back on, she takes up menial jobs whenever her pockets become empty. After a few months of saving, she quits and charges off on her next big adventure.

After a brief hike in lower Asia, Florentine found herself back in France where she immediately stalked the internet for jobs. On a whim she applied to FOIL, a private fencing organization looking for members interested in a "new breed" of the sport. They promise performance-based wages with free room and board. Although she hadn't donned her whites since her late teens, she crossed her fingers and had her parents ship over her white rapier.

The rules? Members of FOIL must bring their most prized possession in the world. This object acts as a trophy, winnable by other members of the group. After seven days of bouts, the judges decide who she replaces as the new member. But what happens to members who leave? And why are their possessions such an integral aspect of FOIL's structure? As her experience in the isolated Château de l'Hiver becomes more menacing, Florentine determines to investigate what evolves into an mysterious and ugly truth.

Fleuret Blanc is a simple and short game primarily about the importance of objects in our life. Though the storyline follows Florentine as she unravels the mysteries of FOIL and its judges, she's constantly challenged with ideas of possession, collection, and obsession. The game rewards Florentine--who starts as a minimalist traveler--with points based not only on how much she interacts with her fellow members, but also on how much money she makes and how many items she's hoarded in her room. Though collecting is encouraged for a better score, the overall implications of the act can be bittersweet.Spoiler: Screenshots • show[center]


Spoiler: show
Time flows across seven days. Each day is broken up into morning, afternoon, and evening. Within those three sections, the player may explore, bout, gossip, and go through their notes however they like. However, Events take up Free Time. There are only three "segments" of Free Time within each section of the day, so use them wisely. Once three events have been seen, all other events will disappear until the player forces time to progress.

Fencing against other members is mandatory in the evenings (Trophy Bouts), but optional during the rest of the day. Unlike typical "battles", the winner is based on how stylishly they performed, even if their health went down first. Winners either take control of their opponent's Prized Possession, or regain their own.

Florentine gets paid based on her performance as well: the style points she accrues during bouts correlate directly to her income. This means that the player makes money not by winning, but by doing their job as a fencer.

There is no experience or leveling, and each member follows the same exact rules of combat as the player. A move's success is based both on predicting the opponent's attacks (based on current bout conditions) and successfully completing timing or button-pressing indicators that appear on the screen. Each opponent has their own set of special techniques that separates them from the others. With enough money, the player may persuade someone to teach them these techniques.


Florentine's "home base" is her bedroom where she stores the trophies of other members. She also may find or purchase other nic-nacs to hoard, transforming her simple sleeping quarters into a carnival of colors. Changing techniques and saving in the journal are just a few of things that can be done here.


Witnessing events (mandatory or not) may bring up "interesting" ideas that Florentine will take note of in her electronic journal. These Points of Interest all pile toward conclusions that she has yet to make. Filling in the prerequisite for conclusions can lead to bonus events that open up the story and have an effect on the ending.


Collecting the best information may require gossiping. A select few members are as moral-less as Florentine and will engage in gossip about the last person, place, or thing that the player has come in contact with. (For example, if you click on a plant and then gossip with Roland, he'll give you his two cents about the local shrubbery).


Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III

Sarai "Raya" White
Kan "Reives" Gao
Mark Ryan "Cettoto" Anderson
Sabrina Valenzuela
Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III

Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III
Michael "Garoad" Kelly

Ccoa (Universal Message System)
ForeverZer0 (Advanced Title Screen)
gerrtunk (Text to Image)
Fantasist and Blizzard (Save System)

The Tumbleweed
Blood Angel Evengelion

Sound Bible
Mike Koenig

Josh "The Tumbleweed" Tredinnick

Ruben Grest
Eszter Verhás
Josh "The Tumbleweed" Tredinnick
All Relationships of the Past and Future, Good and Bad

Download Errors (Troubleshooting)
Spoiler: showPROBLEM: RGSS-RTP Standard not found

SOLUTION: The RTP is in this link. On the page that this link takes you to, there is a tab labeled "For RPG MAKER XP". Click that tab and scroll to the bottom. The link to the installation is the big button, and the process is outlined in three simple steps.

PROBLEM: RGSS Player has stopped working

SOLUTION: Restart your computer, then try it again.

PROBLEM: That didn't help

SOLUTION: It may be a DEP (Data Execution Prevention) issues with Windows. Follow these steps:

--- Quote ---1. Open System by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking System.

2. Click Advanced System Settings. Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3. Under Performance, click Settings.

4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then click Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.

4. now browse to your game that is not working because of  RGSS error msg and closing without solution. For example mine was aveyond.exe
--- End quote ---

Version Updates
Spoiler: show

-Added last character interactions of Saturday
-Fixed "Gaming with Junior" event
-Changed BGM for Saturday
-Altered "Main Theme" a bit
-Made it rain on Saturday
-Made Roland's vending event impossible on Saturday
-Fixed some typos
-Moved speaker
-Finished first Morning event of Saturday
-Fixed an event typo
-Fixed a Time Event typo
-Fixed typo with Le Neuvieme
-Corrected an index card
-Another typo
-Fixed Pennington trap error
-Added Junior to BIO section
-Fixed Analysis percentage glitch
-Faded BGS when going to title screen
-Changed Flore's age, kind of...
-Moved icons in the e-Virtuelle
-Added door SFX when entering secret room
-Fixed Vasha's display glitch
-Added Squeaker's "advice" text
-Added an event if Kant is there when showering
-Relocated minor tut. descriptions to top
-Added option to skip all tutorials
-Added Icon explanation page
-Added tut. text when learning Salute
-Added Septopus where before there was none
-Added shower picture w/ SFX
-Added stairwell text
-Added attic text
-Added page to Rules of Engagement
-Changed the transparency of index cards
-Increased volume of PP SFX
-Fixed radio error
-Removed "To 2nd Floor" text on stairwell
-Fixed another Vash glitch
-Finished second morning event of Saturday
-Adjusted volume for "Platonic"
-Made FOIL Squeaker Note
-Made The Lounge
-Made the Lounge's atmosphere and auto events
-Adjusted judge doors on final day
-Fixed judge hall e-Virtuelle screen error
-Finished third morning event of Saturday
-Added the Friday evening journal entry
-Increased volume of various VSFX
-Finished morning Time Event for Saturday
-Better Vash background
-Took Junior from comp. room on last day
-Added label for exiting computer room
-Fixed some Nickel negotiation issues
-Got rid of last day lunches
-Got rid of last day Squeaker and judges for morning
-Added Squeaker's FOIL notes
-Added most of last lock note
-Got rid of the spare fleuret
-Added the Money Bunny
-Added a new evening event
-Fixed Junior bout error
-Added e-Virtuelle to the room when obtained
-Applied tutorial skip to e-Virtuelle
-Applied tutorial skip to learning techniques
-Finished first event of Saturday afternoon
-Fixed Time Event graphic
-Set the RTP to none (derp)
-Condensed X/Y detection to one event
-Minor trash SFX change
-Roland Time Event error fixed
-Adjusted exit pace after luncheon
-Changed appearance of Lunch Box after Masque bout
-Fixed Salute error
-Fixed position of keypad safe tut. text
-Added SFX for Analysis
-Swapped positions of quotes
-Corrected premature POI appearance
-Fixed Masque's "Errand" POI
-Reduced a quote
-Updated e-Virtuelle call for storyline segment
-"Animated" Trophy Bout Aunty cursor
-Added dark strip to The Lounge
-Added dark strip to Nickel's room
-Adjusted Lounge's placement and fog
-Adjusted some bout SFX
-Added small scene after e-Virtuelle tutorial
-Display contents of lunch box (Shift)
-Increased "Hmmmm" volume
-Fixed some typos
-Fixed a gossip tag
-Altered Vending Machine Event to end earlier for storyline
-Green tagged some data
-Made e-Virtuelle un-usable when lunch box is missing
-Fixed stalled e-Virtuelle error after judge hall events
-Adjusted most "Les Livres Pincees" spots
-Fixed Junior victory error during Trophy Bout
-Fleuret Blanc quote added

-Fixed some Squeaker text
-Fixed some typos
-Messed with lunch subtraction
-Increased "Prized Possession" volume
-Lowered quality of some songs
-Cut out some SFX
-Changed "Feliciter"
-Got rid of the CapsaMyn mini-game
-Added text message setting function
-Turned one event location into two
-Filled third download area with image setting icon
-Placed paper note in lunch box in the intro
-Added centipede portrait
-Added hidden member timeline in computer room
-Typo fixes
-Added necessary Odon greeting
-Changed finished BIO sheets
-Fixed a door lock error
-Corrected Unnamed's typos
-Hopefully fixed Card Offense error
-Fixed Quit error again
-Added Quit option in e-Virtuelle
-Added Quit and Title options when lunch box is gone
-Allowed intro Twelve Tiles to be skipped
-Added e-Virtuelle tutorial sheet
-Added e-Virtuelle paper to RoE
-Redrew bios.
-Added Aunty text
-Fixed Title Screen goodness for good
-Added final journal entries
-Added Saturday additions

-Added some wait time before story texts
-Altered Saturday events
-Finished second Saturday afternoon event
-Added The Lounge lock and event
-Fixed Money Bunny redundancy
-Added Money Bunny description
-Fixed typos
-Fixed a mis-typed POI
-Finished third Saturday afternoon event
-Added info to lounge settings
-Added character to lounge
-Adjusted vending machine interface
-Finished pre-final bout events
-"NEW" graphic
-Tweaked some post-bout issues
-Added "NEW" notification for POIs and texts
-Fixed lunch cancel graphic issue
-Added Final Bout!
-Added Saturday afternoon Time Event
-Fixed graphic issue in time transitions
-Added some interaction spots
-Added some room for a New Game + feature
-Fixed missing text message
-Realigned a confrotation note
-Finished Conclusion 09
-Finished Confrontation 09
-Fixed more typos
-Finished Saturday evening event one
-Finished Saturday evening event two
-Fixed a non-erase spot in the e-Virtuelle
-Remade the song "Histoire"
-Added moved machine graphics
-Added judges' hall event
-Prevented movement to The Lounge at certain point
-Moved Speaker
-Added mask to Flore when talking to Squeaker
-Got rid of some shiny scavenger hunt notes
-Added possible secret area
-Added last journal entry for real
-Fixed final safe note
-Fixed strange e-virtuelle lock
-Added last POI
-Added final characters
-Added "conclusion" graphic to The final Lounge
-Finished Cinderella story
-Changed a portrait description
-Made shinies over icon
-Reduced space "Finale" takes
-Added Kant's secret BIO to storyline
-Added a little New Game Plus material
-Added "Burn" SFX
-Added some more infor on Ruben and Eszter
-Added auto-moving speakerbox!
-Added some wait time before storyline messages
-Added a quote
-Added a new day, kind of
-Made bus SFX
-Decreased size of "Menacing"
-Decreased size of "Member Luncheon"
-Finished final scenes
-Attached to ending sequence
-Added Tier 3 Stranglings
-Made Roland a save point
-Added final credits
-Adjusted some light settings for Vasha
-Reduced "Electronic Journal"
-Reduced "Member Luncheon (Resoudre)"
-Fixed a truck load of typos
-Reduced and fixed "A Novel Mystery"
-Added BGM version of "Menacing"
-Fixed final safe note
-Fixed final note and journal entry
-Fixed empty lunch box error
-Added key music to events
-Fixed first floor Save issue
-Fine-tuned ending shtuff

-Typos fixed
-Disposed of unnecessary files
-Added more New Game Plus shtuff
-Altered Roland pictures
-Added New Day graphic
-Upgraded Masque pictures
-Fixed a final day Roland error
-Increased grimoire size

-Faded vending knob in
-Changed overhead display
-Changed penalty card display
-Adjusted vending eating representation
-Added munching in vending machine
-Updated Gossip Check to included pictures holding option
-Switched order of Tutorial Skip options
-Made quick gossip changes more effective
-Fixed error with missing e-Virtuelle
-Adjusted word coloring
-Kind of refined explanation of the battle flow sheet
-Changed "Try again" to "Continue with tutorial"
-Made whole center of color wheel change
-Fixed som transition inconsistencies
-Added Odon's self-conversation
-Added "people" to Squeaker's notes
-"Don't listen" changed to "Decline explanation"
-Tuned up Grams' Home Cookin'

-Changed "DEFEND" to "GUARD" in main bout graphic
-Changed "DEFEND" to "GUARD" in tech manuals
-Changed "DEFEND" to "GUARD" on index cards
-Changed "DEFEND" to "GUARD" in Squeaker's tutorial
-Changed "DEFEND" to "GUARD" in Roland's technique shop
-Fixed Kant's gossip issue
-Added adjusted gossip pop-up to scavenger hunt hub
-Changed "cats" to "dogs"
-Fixed stray computer room email
-Fixed typos
-Fixed Roland's book issues
-Fixed e-Virtuelle call when bouting
-Fixed looping story event... hopefully

-Fixed finding Lounge mistake
-Fixed the floating note error
-Centipede story fix
-Updated some complete bios
-Fixed typos
-Fixed Conclusion 09 circumstances
-Fixed Conclusion 09 notes
-Fixed Roland BIO
-Added association to completed bios
-Added more text to Junior's chat
-Fixed "Electronic Journal"
-Renamed game file
-Fixed a Roland picture
-Added color banners to "solde" sign
-Changed some fades while buying goods
-Updated credits
-Changed "" to ""
-Fixed some left alignment
-Added a better fade for the first segment
-Fixed typos
-Fixed fourth card offense error
-Added 1.5 seconds to read quotes
-Added the fleuret blanc
-Fixed a possession switch issue for the first bout
-Reduced volume of "Histoire"
-Added conclusion text numbers for New Game Plus
-Changed some remark settings for conc. 11 and 12
-Changed battle frame to have ribbons
-Fixed strange NG+ urn removal mishap
-Added lock to secret room
-Changed password to the judges' hall
-Added cursor location for fleuret blanc
-Updated title screen
-Added secret room (empty)
-Got rid of sketchy message pulls in Trophy Bout prep.
-Fixed trick pulls in Trophy Bout prep.
-Added back to Trophy Bout prep. choices
-Fixed front door passing
-Added New Member Plus secret bout
-Added origami to Roland's room
-Added bit to get lunch box back if Kant has it
-Made room safes available in NG+
-Made cursor movement fluid, rather than extra chunky
-Added secret code input

Wow, this look really cool! I generally don't like the time idea in video games, but the way you do it sounds interesting and helps give the game realism, which it sounds like its full of!

What does Fleuret mean, though?

Thanks Vasha! A fleuret is the basic weapon used in fencing, often called a foil, but known as a fleuret in French. I think you could call it a rapier as well, but there are some subtle difference between a rapier and a foil  that hardcore fencing aficionados would be quick to point out. :)

Oh, yeah! I totally remember that now! :o Thank you Final Fantasy, you have taught me about fencing! :P

Ohhh I'm liking the originality of the game story and graphics wise. I don't think I've ever played a character like Florentine but she reminds me of my friends in real life and her carefree attitude is very appealing. I also like the idea behind gossiping- it encourages exploring which is kinda rare these days.

-Do we have to play the game more than once to see all of the events? Or is it like persona where its hard to complete everyone's story in one round?
-Did you hand draw all of the maps?
-Whats the estimated time of release?
-What is the gameplay like during the bouts?


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