Author Topic: Neat trick for the computer-illiterate: Double monitors, double the fun.  (Read 1585 times)

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I just found out something quite the awesome. Now, this may very well be quite the common knowledge (and the steps to do it was rather self explanatory after I discovered the button's existence), but if one nublets (me) never knew about it until now, there must exist some others who would benefit from it as well.  :reivsmile: So to those unsuspecting nerd undergrads, here's your chance to take one step closer toward your diploma.

If you are using a laptop and have an extra monitor lying around somewhere, or if you are using a desk top with more than one monitor plugs, then you can use two monitors at once with a few simple configurations. That doesn't mean that the two monitors would show the same screen uselessly, but rather the other would be an "extension" of your screen. For example, you'll be able to drag a window to the other monitor and work from there (and if you full screen that window in the other monitor, for example, it fills up that single monitor neatly). Accessing the second monitor is as easy as moving your mouse past the border of one screen, and it'll appear on the next screen as if they are physically connected (which I found to be pretty amusing to see for some reason).

This is extremely convenient for many things. For example, if you are working on something that you need to have a reference out at the same time, to avoid the hassle of constantly alt+tabbing or sharing a small screen. Or, instead of having to constantly sort between millions of MSN/AIM chat windows, how would you like to have every one of them displayed at once on your second screen? Multi-tasking has never been easier. And hell, if nothing else, it just makes you feel like a pro. :p

To enable the feature, simply connect the monitor, and right-click your desktop -> Properties (or just go to Display from control panel). Go to Settings, and click on "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" (if you can't, click "2" on the panel with screens named 1 and 2 first). Voila.

Computer nubs liberate!
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