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Traverse style
« on: October 06, 2010, 02:47:51 PM »
Okay thinking now, there are many ways an rpg can be played, everyone loves playing certain ways and some like trying out new ways. Now I was beginning to think, I want to change my tactics rpg from the common TBSs (You know like final fantasy tactics, and ogre battles) where you can't walk around or really investigate the areas well I was wondering how you would like this done.

1. Common RPGs, run around like in quintessence.
2. ...Forgot the name...I'll use,39202.0.html movement as an example. Would you like to play like that (I think the game was called Reviera or something, I think Nessiah was making a remake of it).

Those are the only ones I know of right now besides the common "Story-Battle-Map Movement-Cut Scene-Repeat" thing. If you have other ideas and can provide information or screens that'd help me in deciding :D